Rapture, Downstairs at The Pleasance: Review by Stephen Vowles 

In my book first impressions always count and this first production out of Pink Sky Theatre which includes a group of LGBTQIA+ artists is incredible – immediately and totally gripping. 

The play tells the story of Kit played by Sam Crerar, Izzy Neish as Rosy and Bryan Moriarty as Tommy; three flatmates whose lives are characterised by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities and most certainly distinctive. Tommy who runs a bar is enjoying life and the city he lives in, Kit and Rosy are in a relationship and take each day and the situations they find themselves in day by day. 

This is an unflinching look at a young person’s London. Directed by and written by Sophie Leydon, she clearly has a tenacious and almost unrelenting style that fits the piece; propelling an energy throughout the first act that gives the play a buzz and as her three actors have to play multiple roles, this is achieved seamlessly.

At the heart of this is observations made about sexual exploration, exhibitionism, manipulation, the use of drugs to fit in socially and actually deciding who and what you want to be. Leydon looks at the world of being non-binary via the Kit character in an informed way that offers an insight into that way of wanting to live your life. 

There is a marked change in tempo in Act 2 as the tensions build between the trio and in the way their lives overlap as each of their respective narratives take on different vibes and as the three friends are pushed to their own limits because of what happens to them.

This is modern theatre that is just terrific. Ground-breaking, hard-hitting drama that is both equally powerful as it is provocative and if these three gifted young actors continue to do work of such calibre are without doubt destined for further success. Mesmerising queer theatre. Riveting stuff! 


Photos by Evelina Polyakov

Rapture at The Pleasance runs to Sunday 17th July at Carpenter Mews North Road, London N7 9EF. Box office: 020 7609 1800

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