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Pride month is in full swing, and we are loving every minute of it. We have been to several Pride related events like Mighty Hoopla and the first ever Pride in Chichester – both were fabulously organised and a lot of fun. With so many more celebrations in the pipeline we at are delighted to share some popular Pride products that might just be what you are after. As we are an adult store you will not find many rainbow products in our shop. There are plenty of other stores where you can buy these. We focus on those products that will either get you laid or make getting laid better. 

Getting laid

First, we start with a disclaimer as none of these items will guarantee you are getting laid, we wish! What these products do is highlight your assets to the max. Take some of our bulge enhancing Addicted underwear for example they give your manhood a little lift potentially increasing the looks you are getting. For those of you that like your pride events on the kinky side we have some great bottomless underwear for you to strut your stuff in. 

Another look that always goes down well is the gay harness look. We are finding that more and more guys are wearing different types of harnesses to bolster their appeal. Pride is all about equality and acceptance, this also applies to body size. We feel strongly about the message that all bodies are beautiful and have their admirers. Self-acceptance is not always easy as we are our own worst critics. It is a journey many are on and, hopefully we all get to the destination of choice.

Getting laid better!

As mentioned, wearing something that you love strutting your stuff in is no guarantee that you will get laid. What we can say with more certainty is that when you do get some action there are a few things that will improve the action. One of the obvious ones is using a good lubricant like Spunk lube. Some might think that lube is lube but believe us, there can be a big difference. For regular use we always recommend a hybrid lube. This is a water-based lube with a little silicone in it. The addition of silicone makes it last longer and won’t interrupt the action. 

Do you love giving good oral but are struggling with deep throating? We have some desensitising spray in our store that will help you giving the best blows, how about that for better sex? It might not need mentioning but we always stress to please have an anal douche before you go out with the intention to get laid. The Colt Master Cleanser for example is super easy to use and doubles up as a lube applicator, great value. Knowing that you are clean will put you at ease during action time so you can fully focus on having a good time. 

Performance improvers

We can always tell when there are national adult parties going on or when summer is hitting the UK. During these times there is an influx in man-on-man action and with this we see an increase in the sale of performance enhancers and room aromas. You will be surprised how many people are concerned about their manhood abilities and feel more confident with the use of performance enhancers. This can be erection pills, delay cream or desensitizing products. A little planning will go a long way into ensuring you can have the best lay and hours of fun.

When hotness meets equality!

As mentioned, we love this period of the year! The sun is out, parties everywhere, the air is full of love and the streets full of hotness. Another feeling I often get more of during this part of the year is the feeling of love and equality. Everybody seems to be in a good mood and tolerance levels are high. Not sure this is the good weather and the extra shandy or a true coming together of all the colours in the rainbow spectrum and those that support this. It is also a moment to stand still and count our blessings as there are so many countries where equality is so far behind and being anything other than what they deem the norm is illegal! 

Enjoy Pride, the summer and spread the love! 

With love,

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