A day as a toy tester for gay adult store

What do you want to be when you grow up? Could it be a gay sex toys tester? Like myself, many might not have known that was an option. To be truthful it is not a full-time job and often does not pay well or at all. What you do get is hours of fun for free. All you have to do, besides enjoying the toys, is write a report with honest feedback and a detailed report highlighting potential issues and also the elements you enjoyed. The feedback decides if the products will be sold on the store or not. The details will also be part of the product descriptions. 

Here is something from one of our testers: 

“So, Saturday morning 11.30am and I had been waiting for this day all week. I am reviewing some new toys for the esmale dildos for men area. In particular a rotating dildo which I have never used before. I have done vibrating ones but this one has a huge rotation span, and I am wondering how that feels and if I can manage it. My playroom was all set up and I was all cleaned up and ready to go. 

The packaging made the product look very high quality and after opening the parcel I realise I needed to warm and open up as it was bigger than I thought. After a few minutes play with my favourite warm up toy, I got ready for the main course. I applied some more lube and got into my favourite position. Once all 8.5 inches were inside me, I started playing with the settings and OMG… it felt amazing! 

There are 4 rotation speeds and 7 unique vibrations but in my first session I only got to rotation speed 2 and used 3 different vibrations before I just HAD to get to a climax, it was simply that intense. 

After getting my breath back and having a little power nap I got up, had a shower and went for a late lunch with my friends. For me this is the perfect Saturday. I cannot wait to play some more and explore the rest of the settings although I am not sure I will get to a rotation speed 4. Don’t get me wrong, I love a party in my bum but that final setting would be like the whole of Glastonbury up there! Maybe if I get some aroma poppers I might just make it! The beauty of this job is that I get to keep the toys.”

Needless to say, the feedback from this tester was 10 out of 10 and we now have several rotating dildos in our store. As a business that focuses on bringing pleasure to your body, we feel it is important that we have products on the store that deliver good times, which makes our testers very important. Another important element is feedback from customers. Just because one person says it is amazing does not make it so for all and if we get a lot of negative feedback on a product it will get removed from the store. 

At the moment we have enough testers but if you fancy being one feel free to contact us through our website and who knows you might be testing some amazing toys or gay lube for us. 

With love,

Team esmale 

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