Sandra at the Old Ship to celebrate Guv’nor John’s Birthday: Review by Stephen Vowles 

Sandra swished onto the stage at the Old ShIp last night to help an already enthusiastic crowd celebrate the Guv’nor’s Birthday. Draped in a bright multi-pleated purple Arabic style gown inspired by Scheherazade and Arabian Nights with a bit of Princess Jasmine thrown in for good measure – very glamorous!

Opening with Whitney’s “How Will I Know”, this song showcases the terrific vocal range that Sandra has. Followed by a zippy little rendition of “Only You”.

With audience participation now a requirement, Sandra is a past master of the innuendo. His quick fire line in banter comes easy and is flawless rising above anyone who dares to heckle.  

He works the room with a well rehearsed capability, and that is how it should be. Sandra is a cabaret artist drag performer of such high quality and standing his pantomime style of delivery, and even performing classics such as Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams”, is a no-nonsense example of how it should be done. He just shines when performing.

John, the landlord of the Old Ship, runs a great venue and with him at the helm you can understand why the pub will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary soon, and that is why his regular customers come from far afield. John spoke with great affection to the crowd, thanking them all.

John is set on a great course and the customers just know they will have a good time when going the Old Ship. John was given the chance to join Sandra on stage and of course the crowd sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”.

John thanked all his customers for their support – customers old and new – and his bar staff which all make for one of the best East End pubs there is. In the build up to the finale, “Brown Girl In The Ring” was requested and Sandra delivered the number which is now his signature tune and the crowd lapped it up. 

Check out the via the Boyz banners and see from their brand new website what is coming up in the coming weeks and into May. 

A great fun night out and worth the trip to that part of town. 


The Old Ship is at 17 Barnes Street,Limehouse London E14 7NW  Tel. 020  7791 1301 

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