Julian Clary’s Born To Mince at the Bloomsbury Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Julian Clary is one of the best fluid comics doing the circuit today and his moment in the spotlight continues unabated. I’ve been a fervent admirer for years going all the way back to the Joan Collins Fan Club and in recent years with him doing fantastic theatre work for example in Le Grand Mort and more recently a production of The Dresser. 

Clary relishes his own celebrity and rightly so and does not hesitate to comment on his fellow artistes and what he only describes as limited acts with a limited range. Clary name-drops with a glint in his eye.

Very approachable and when he gets the audience involved they are very happy to do so. What is magical about Clary is that his punters (as he likes to refer to them) ‘get him’. They understand how naughty he is and what his message is. He is rude with a heartfelt crudeness to it that is just so, so funny. Clary has a natural rambunctious nature to him that makes his comedy relevant, knowledgeable and very matter of fact. His flamboyance is to be admired and even cherished as he moves around the stage.

He has stood the test of time because he is a well-crafted entertainer that his uniqueness has not diminished. His mastery and even control of the spontaneous and the subtle put down via a look or the utterance of a quick verbal quip is just superb. 

Clary is a clever comic. Expert in the delivery of slapstick material and putting into his act sustainable sight gags that just work, even if they are at the expense of one of his devoted punters.

Julian Clary remains current, an established and bold raconteur and a dandy to boot. 


Julian Clary’s Born To Mince runs to Sunday 1st May at the Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, Camden London WC1H 0AH. Tickets from or click on the banners on the Boyz site to buy your tickets.

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