Homoerotic work of Michael Murfin at Henry Miller Fine Art’s first exhibition of 2022, from 28th March at Coningsby Gallery

Henry Miller Fine Art’s first and long-awaited exhibition of 2022 is finally coming to the Coningsby Gallery in Fitzrovia from 28 March to 2 April. Focusing on the male form, Henry’s collection features paintings, drawings and photographs from the 19th century to the present day, including works by David Hockney, Patrick Procktor, William Etty and George Platt Lynes.

One of the outstanding contemporary artists featured in the show is Michael Murfin, an exceptionally skilled British painter whose often homoerotic work ranges from Renaissance-influenced paintings to contemporary scenes of muscular builders.

Murfin says that his “disposition as an artist is naturally inclined to find cultural resonances in the everyday world’, explaining that he always ‘aims to execute work with sufficient craft and wit to make looking at his pictures a rewarding, and life-affirming experience”

Man in a Borrow Pit (2022)

The works in the exhibition include Murfin’s ‘Man in a Borrow Pit’ and ‘Chuck’, both part of an ongoing series looking at the beauty found around building sites. Based on the precision with which he captures the masculinity of his subjects, it may come as no surprise that Murfin himself worked for some time as a labourer with a builder’s merchants after leaving art college.

Chuck (2005)

Another fantastic new Murfin painting in the show that literally took our breath away is ‘Figures from Poussin’. Part of his series of works re-imagining the old masters, this particular one takes inspiration and several details from four different paintings by 17th Century French artist Nicolas Poussin, ending up with one unique composition with a totally new homoerotic context and meaning.

Figures from Poussin (2022)

Henry Miller Fine Art – Spring Exhibition is at The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4RJ from 28th March to 2nd April. Details, opening hours and full catalogue available from

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