Bacon at The Finborough Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles 

The set is basic, just a seesaw that symbolises the tender balance that exists between the two characters, with Corey Montague-Sholay as Mark and a sensational William Robinson as Darren. 

There is a preset sense of sadness and gloom as we learn about the two worlds that these two young school boys try to exist in. Both actors demonstrate great skill in timing and show a very wide range of emotion, some of which is brutal and deep.

Written by Sophie Swithinbank, Bacon is gripping and absorbing and I’ve not seen a better two-hander in ages. At the core of this play is a message about coming to terms with your feelings, and the power of attraction bordering on lust. Language can be a very powerful tool and Swithinbank takes no prisoners in demonstrating that – especially with the dialogue she gives the Darren character.

The honesty of the play is exceptional and the scene transitions wonderful. As the tension builds the pace of the play does not falter and even when there are tender comedy moments, these are magical adding to the provocativeness of the play.

The two actors are at the top of their game and deliver a sensory overload that is both beautiful and equally devastating. Bacon clearly tells a story of when two worlds collide and how your upbringing as an adolescent can shape you as you become a young man.

Totally captivating and unflinching modern theatre and should be given a much larger canvas.

Photos by Ali Wright


Bacon runs to Saturday 26th March at The Finborough Theatre, 118 Finborough Road London SW10 4ED. Box office: 020 7244 7439.   

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