Sex gear trends for 2022 according to BENT

A new year has started, in fact January is already behind us! We are excited to see what this year will bring, especially when it comes to pleasure tools and gear. To find out what we can expect this year what better company to speak to than Bent, a gay sex shop that has been around for decades and one of the longest-running adult stores in the UK. However it’s not just sex gear that they offer. You will also find lifestyle products such as fetish and underwear of which they have a great selection.

It’s all about new technology

Asking what the number one trend will be, we have a one-word response, technology! Not only for this year but for the foreseeable future sex toys will become more and more app-based and the functionality will also improve. Take the rotating dildos Bent has in store for example. These do not just vibrate like most vibrators do, they actually rotate and have many settings for extra stimulation. All toys will keep evolving in order to provide even more intense experiences. From hands-free masturbators to app-based chastity cages and remote-control anal toys that will deliver a proper party in your bum, this list goes on.

It is all getting better

Another trend you will see is that the quality of products will become better. Popular brands like Oxballs and Fleshjack have upped their game and the new materials are longer-lasting and feel better. The aim is to either get products to emulate a “real feel” experience or a focus on the performance enhancement element of a product. Gone are the days of cheap plastic toys. Sure you can still get those as well – but why would you? The new generation of toys might be a little more expensive but they last much longer, making them better value.

We are playing harder than ever

This is not a new trend, but we certainly see it continuing. The demand for more extreme and hardcore toys is very much on the rise. Not just bigger dildos and fisting gear but there is much more interest in niche activities like urethral sounding and electro sex. In general we have experienced an increase in people wanting to explore more. What is also noticeable is that the age level of starting the sexual pleasure journey is getting younger. We have a lot more customers in their 20’s than we used to buying more fetish toys and finding out what they enjoy and what their boundaries are. A very welcome development we think, life is too short so get your pleasure where you can and as often as you want!

Some things will always remain the same

Amidst all the new developments there will always be some products that stay the same as they already do what we need them to. Products like lube, condoms and gay poppers. That said when it comes to lube there are improvements that make lube last longer or add a numbing effect to it. The delay sprays and creams are getting better as well, so get ready for some long sessions.

All in all, we are in for some good times in the coming years. We love seeing our customer embarking on their journey of adult pleasure. As always, we have plenty of deals in store to keep you satisfied at great value. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or just give us call. We have a group of great people to talk to, all Bent in some shape or form.

“Bent” yourself to the shape that is you!



Check out the full range of pleasure tools and gear, fetish and underwear products on the Bent website

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