Esmale turned 10, delivering adult pleasure to your door for over a decade!

Esmale started 10 years ago in SW London as an online-only gay sex toys store but has since grown into a full blown gay adult store with fashion, fetish and many other product areas. Surviving in business these days is hard, so we thought we’d get in touch with the team behind and find out how they manage to still keep going strong.

Boyz: Over the past 10 years do you think there has been a change in the items people have ordered online?

Esmale: Absolutely, we have seen that customers are becoming more and more adventurous in their self-exploration. We sell more fetish toys then we used to and new technology is also providing us with toys that can bring pleasure to a new level. You can have over 10 settings now on some anal toys and masturbators. We have also grown a lot in the last decade and have much more underwear, fetish and other products on the store in addition to the 1000’s of gay sex toys. So we can’t really compare the sales now with when we first started.

Do you think people are now more educated in sex toys and the pleasure they can bring?

I touched upon that earlier, our customers are much more educated today. The stigma that, using sex toys for your own pleasure had, is now slowly disappearing. It is still there but much less. We see a lot of sales on anal toys for men but customers want more from these toys now. They rotate, vibrate and more, toys can be really great fun. Of course, the demand for “better sex” products like cock rings, lube and other essentials will always remain, but even in those areas new and innovative products keep coming to the store.

You cater for the gay male, do you think sensuality is connected with sexuality?

It is not just gay male men that shop with us, we have a very diverse customer base. I guess in the end all that matters is that the products do what the customer wants them to do and is available at the right price. After that, it doesn’t matter what someone’s sexuality is. Sensuality is described as the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure. You are asking if that is connected to sexuality and even though it can be, I am not sure it is always the case. We are still learning so much about this subject so I don’t think a yes or no answer applies here, as it is all very fluid.

If you could offer any words of wisdom when it comes to exploring sex toys, what would they be?

Gosh, me and wisdom are not always friends, trust me! If you are at the beginning of self-exploration begin with some basic toys and work your way up. You will soon identify what you like and that is the area we suggest you explore further. Also try different things; if a person identifies as a top only that does not mean that massaging your prostate will not give you a better orgasm. Take your time, listen to your body and do what feels good.

What are some of your most popular products?

We have so many different product areas it is difficult to name just one product. Our main areas are sex toys. fetish toys & gear, underwear and sex essentials. In terms of volume, consumables like lube, erection pills and poppers (from our sister store Poppers Super Shop) are the winners. A few popular other items are the travel slings, our rotating and vibrating toys collection and when it comes to masturbators the Fleshjack  range is popular. In terms of underwear and fashion the Addicted, Pump! and C-in2 brands get great feedback. These days you see more and more people wearing harnesses out and about, so that is also a popular product area.

And any final words for Boyz readers for your 10 year anniversary?

Yes, a MASSIVE thank you to our customers that keep coming back and those that call us to order but also brighten up our days with their friendly and funny banter. It has been an amazing decade, and this is because of you! For those Boyz readers that have not been to Esmale, come and have a look. If you have questions or just want some guidance, just call us or send us an email, we have great people here that are very happy to help!

With love,


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