Hoosh: Hair removal for men of all ages, shapes and gender preferences

Looking for a new product to remove unwanted hair? Then HOOSH is it. Stephen Vowles talked to Hoosh creator, Bea, about the new Hoosh men’s product range – and Boyz readers get 20% off via the online checkout on the website.

What inspired you to create the Hoosh brand, Bea?

I sought a change of direction brought on by being at home during the pandemic. I was Inspired by my friend who has created the women’s brand Woo Woo. I set about the challenge of creating an inspired brand for men – all men.

I’ve been motivated to create a brand and products that men of all ages, shapes and gender preferences can feel comfortable using. The first in the evolution is the hair removal cream with a shower gel, body scrubs and face masks to follow.

Did you try various formula before you were happy with the current one? The fragrance of the product is delightful, was that an important factor for you when creating the cream? 

We worked closely with the manufacturers to create a cream which is gentle on the skin; the addition of neroli has eradicated the less-than-appealing odour associated with hair removal creams to leave the skin smelling fresh. We tried three different formulas until we found the one which worked perfectly.

Did lockdown enable you to get the product right – including the striking packaging?

Lockdown has helped in terms of getting the product and packaging right. We did various testing and marketing research to help us determine which packaging was more eye-catching. Out of the whole process the packaging probably took the longest, but it was worth the wait because I love what we ended up with.

What does the Hoosh brand stand for?

Hoosh is symbolic of today’s diverse and inclusive society. Hoosh is for men – and those who don’t identify as men – but who take their grooming and appearance seriously. Hoosh stands for body-positivity and to instil confidence in men. It is about encouraging pride in our bodies and to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our bodies. Hoosh is about empowering men and giving them representation in the beauty and cosmetic world.

Hoosh is about reality. The world is not full of ‘Hollywood’ stars, but men of all shapes and sizes and from many different backgrounds. Finding the right roles models in popular culture can be difficult. At Hoosh we recognize this and ‘our models’ will be your everyday people.

 I also struggled for years with body confidence and hated my body. I hated wearing anything that would show my legs in my teens, twenties and early 30s. Finally in my mid 30s I started to embrace my flaws and accept that my body was not perfect and all these perfect bodies we see in magazines aren’t either. The world isn’t full of ‘Hollywood’ men and women and that is crucial to Hoosh. You don’t have to have steel abs to use Hoosh.

 Where can Boyz readers get Hoosh and tell us about the 20% offer up for grabs when we shop at your online checkout?

 Boyz readers can get Hoosh at, use code “Hooshboyz” to get 20% off your order and please share your content @Hooshpower.

 Do  you plan to add to the product range in the coming months? 

 Yes we are working on formulations for new products to add to our range which will launch in the next three to four months.

Check out more about the Hoosh range at

Use code “Hooshboyz” to get 20% off your order.

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