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Autumn is coming, so we asked the team at to help us get ready for some late summer sexy fun.

This summer has been a weird one for many reasons and as far as we are concerned, very frustrating! We are finally let out of our caves and then the bloody weather is not playing ball. I was ready to shock the world with some extra flesh on show. But however much I love showing off, I hate being cold.

Analysing our data, it seems not everybody agrees with me as the sales of our mens enhancing underwear was great. Lots of guys wanting to show off their bums in backless briefs and bulge enhancing underwear, and good on them, it is a huge turn on! Talking about turn-ons, how “naked” do you like your underwear?

We have some new ranges in stock that look like you are barely wearing anything. Another new design feature on some ranges is the removeable pouch, for easy access. The Breedwell Jockstrap collection in particular has a very sexy edge to it. Personally, I am a fan and love the look of the guys wearing them. I have not worn them yet, but it is on the wish list. If only I could just take anything that we have on our shelves here.

Mind you, if I could have anything off the shelves it would be one of the new cock sheaths from the Oxballs range that came in. They add some serious length and girth which means, extra pleasure in the bedroom.

Even though the summer has been a let-down we have shipped plenty of hot adult gear to our customers all over the world, so it looks like a lot of fun was had anyway. We have noticed a trend towards to more hardcore and larger products but I guess this is because people have had time to explore what they like and also what they can “handle” during lockdown. It also explains the increase in poppers sales with our friends at the Popper Super Shop, I guess they were needed, LOL!

I can’t believe the Autumn starts later this month already. I am praying for some good weather; maybe we can experience an Indian summer in the next few weeks so we can be out and about strutting our stuff and make up for the disappointing lockdown/summer combination.

For those of you that want to have a look at all the gear we have in store, the next few weeks would be great timing as we have a sale on at the moment and many products are reduced in price. This way you can experience some great pleasure for less.

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