Suzie Kennedy’s ‘Living With Marilyn’ at Crazy Coqs: Review by Stephen Vowles 

When Suzie walked through the audience to get to the stage there were audible gasps as she looked so much like Marilyn. It was all there, the body mannerisms, the pout, and of course the look; her general demeanour projecting a sexuality that was not vulgar but a sincere homage to the iconic actress. 

Suzie did say that she had been impersonating Marilyn Monroe for the last 20 years plus and that she understood the legend and what made her tick. She felt that she knew her not by watching her films and the documentaries that have been made and by reading the books that have been written about her, but because she was a woman.

The popular numbers were sung “I Wanna Be Loved By You”, “Running Wild”, “Diamonds”, “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” and a rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to a gentleman in the audience calling him President Paul – funny, but so so wonderful. 

Between these songs Suzie came away from the Marilyn character and she became herself. Clearly an entertainer in her own right, Suzie went deep in making comparisons; that she had been sexually abused as a child by her stepfather who she thought would protect her, and surviving cancer. She injected humour into her banter between songs especially when she told us about the pitfalls of doing her job, overcoming the attention of fantasists, including ex boyfriends, who were addicted to the Marilyn legend and could not get past that. We got anecdotes about Marilyn, rumours, a brief history  spotlighting some of the most famous moments in her life and career. 

Like a young girl on Christmas morning opening presents she told us how it had excited her over the years to wear some of the star’s real clothes from her movies and to wear her jewellery especially when doing events, making cameos in movies and doing PR for when Julien’s of Hollywood hosted the biggest auction of Marilyn Monroe property ever assembled. 

Suzie was simply sensational as Marilyn. Humanising her; that like Marilyn she herself was a survivor and totally understood what the realities of life were. Closing her show with “Candle In The Wind” sung in her own voice and not that of Marilyn’s sexy, sultry whisper it was inevitable that she got the standing ovation she deserved. A  phenomenal talent paying a tribute to a star who still shines bright and Suzie Kennedy deserves to bathe in the same glow.


Suzie Kennedy’s Living with Marilyn was reviewed on Friday 17th September at Crazy Coqs, 20 Sherwood Street, London W1F 7ED. Box office: 020 7734 4888

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