Invisible Me at New Wimbledon Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles 

Sometimes simplicity is key in the staging, lighting and props and with Bren Gosling’s dramatic new comedy, this is indeed the case and very effective it is too. The actors of Debbie Christie as Lyn, Andrew Fettes as Alec and Philip Gill as Jack formed a trio of class talent. A distinctive ‘ménage à trois’ who tell three beautifully constructed stories that present an inspired message that resonates today. Carpe diem is the bedrock of what Gosling’s play is based on. All three shine and when their dialogue overlaps as their stories play out, this becomes a lesson in how to cope with just living when you hit 60 years old.

Lyn is a cleaner by day and after an eventful meeting with a lady called Stella becomes a sex worker. Alex, a rather chatty, loveable London black cab taxi driver just wants to rekindle the days of having green hair and being a punk. He meets a lady called Vanessa and wants to go tango dancing. Jack had a lover for 35 years; the lover died. He wants to know if it is OK to meet other men and reawaken his sexual desire.

The vignettes are executed with stunning effect with all three actors creating the required pauses which maintain an atmosphere of what was needed by their character to re-evaluate their lives; to almost come out of hibernation. There is a wonderful running gag on how the three of them had to master and understand social media, the use of mobile phones and apps. 

This short study in the human emotions that come from going through a  marriage breakup, a death, losing contact with your children, is presented by this cast with an exquisite, charismatic flare and a controlled energy that just works. Powerful theatre with an optimistic look at life. Stirring stuff!


Invisible Me runs to Saturday 11th September in the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre, 93 The Broadway, London SW19 1QG. 

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Photos by Su Gilroy. 

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