Wear something different with M:R – the new underwear fashion brand for men

Matt Randolph of M:R tells Stephen Vowles more about his fresh new underwear brand for men, how the name came about and why the range is something different from what is already out there.

So Matt, you obviously like the world of male underwear, what inspired you to create this collection ?

Good question.. and story. Let’s start with the brand logo “M:R”, it was actually one of the first tattoos I had done, about the size of a small bottle of poppers on my hip (a size comparison off the top of my head!). A fair few years ago I went through the worst year of my life – 2013 to be precise. I had just left uni with no job prospects, no direction in life, no money and moving back to my parents’ in Sheffield after a traumatic breakup with my second ex boyfriend, after a previous year of being diagnosed with HIV. Life seemed pretty bleak. I dared to have the logo scratched on to my skin to promise myself that I shall aspire to something and to believe in myself and to remind myself that life can only get better. Back then, my sights weren’t on underwear – just something creative and adventurous.

Matt Randolph, creator of the M:R underwear range

Going back to this collection, however – my ethic is to create something that the wearer – no matter of size, age or personal style, will feel truly themselves in – the sexiest that they can be. Predominantly – as you’ll see, the majority of my collection is heavily printed and vibrant in pattern and colour. I wanted to go against what the underwear world currently is – in my eyes, a basic brief or boxer with an iconic logo and nothing more (with an expensive price point at that!). My designs won’t be for everyone, of course – but I wanted to give that something extra for that guy out there whose street my brand will be right up. 

Does M:R come in a range of sizes  and what are the styles… briefs, jocks, boxers?

Sure does. My designs are, when fully stocked – sized Small, Medium, Large and  XL and currently M:R is available as briefs, boxers and, a silhouette crafted by myself – asymmetricals – a hybrid design mocked up of a ‘brief’ leg and a ‘boxer’ leg. They actually look really stunning, if I do say so myself. Give them a try! Free shipping and 35% off with code Boyz35 on the M:R website. 

Don’t worry guys – jockstraps will be coming out later this month.

So I assume you took the time in lockdown to come up with the whole idea of M:R underwear for every Mister *( yes you can that tag line for use in an advert LOL) 

I did. All I needed was my laptop, spare time and Photoshop. I have designs backed up for the next five years with what I toyed with over lockdown. Of course, these designs will chop and change. I can never settle on anything.

Thanks for the tagline, also. Damn it’s quite good actually; shoulda, woulda, coulda I guess! My current tagline is “Wear something different”. Pretty simple but sums up my brand. Also, my sub-tag line is “A brand new brand of men’s underwear”. I will keep thrashing this one out until M:R is no longer a brand new brand and is as familiar as all the famous names (only better!)

For me, underwear has to wash well, was that a concern of  yours also when choosing the fabric? 

Actually – I hate to disappoint – but M:R needs care. To be honest, any apparrel does – to maintain a soft fabric feeling, whether it’s a pair of underwear, some jeans or a T shirt. Follow washing instructions carefully, always! Especially M:R. My designs are split into two fabric types. One is a synthetic blend which creates a soft, silky feel and is the only way to create designs with such vibrant colours! The other fabric composition is a cotton blend, so is more durable and familiar. But nonetheless – treat them like your special pair!

Do you see yourself extending the M:R brand into swimwear, pyjamas, sportswear even socks in the future?

My immediate goal is to include my line of jockstraps. These are due to look super sexy (having tried out the prototypes myself, doing my everyday household chores in them!). Eventually I do plan to get into swimwear, but I need to feel confident enough in underwear first and gather enough avid M:R followers to jump to that next stage. I’m definitely not there yet!

Finally where can Boyz readers buy M:R underwear? You have an online store but are you planning to go into store retail too? – odd website name, I know. was taken and I wanted to be a little more international than! I’m actually currently in talks with some retailers with the view to stocking M:R with them. This is a whole new world for me though – which I find very daunting. Though if it all comes through, I will be a very honoured guy. A stockist list will then be added to my site soon after. But for now, head on over to my site, use the code previously mentioned (Boyz35) and get free shipping within the UK and European Union.

You can check out the full M:R collection at


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