The Connection Party: The Return to the Clapham Grand this Sunday from 5pm

Stephen Vowles talks to The Connection Party about finally staging their party named “The Return” which was delayed because of the Pandemic.  

I’m guessing you are really excited about  finally hosting and staging your Connection Party this Sunday 15th August at the fabulously decadent and very spacious Clapham Grand?

We at The Connection Party are thrilled to finally host our party after such a long wait. It has been a difficult year for everyone and we can’t wait to celebrate life, love, hear music in a club setting and dance together again. 

How did the pandemic and lockdown affect you?

Well the lockdown caused lots of delays and setbacks because event spaces were not open and it was uncertain when they would open, but it gave us time to reflect on what was important to our brand and how we would provide a service that would benefit our clients and our community, who seem to have been isolated and forgotten about in the night club sector. 

From your website and social media platforms, your message is very powerful, how did that come about?

We are using the event to advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion of all queer people of colour (POC). To create a safe space for queer men of colour to celebrate their cultural music, dance and fashion. We understand that this group has for too long been isolated, discriminated against and marginalised so have very few safe social spaces. The Connection Party plans to change the narrative and raise awareness for all intersectional groups including trans lives, which matter. 

What can the partygoers expect from your night, shows, music policy and so on?

The Connection Party is a social network where the LGBTQI+ members of POC & Allies can network and engage with like-minded people. They can collectively celebrate their cultural music, dance and fashion, in a safe, diverse and inclusive space. Party in style with VIP tables and bottle service which will be available on the night! As you dance to all the biggest tunes from the best DJs in the city. Hottest men! Biggest tunes! Luxury venue! A whole vibe! 

The Connection Party: The Return is this Sunday 15th August at the Clapham Grand from 5pm until midnight. Tickets from

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