Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller: Book review by Stephen Vowles 

On the morning of 4th August 1962 the world awoke to hear the news that screen icon Marilyn Monroe had died, apparently from an overdose. To this day conspiracy theories exist; was she killed because of her association with the Kennedys? In the months before that tragic night Monroe was working on what was to be her next movie Something’s Got to Give and a young, very ambitious and eager photographer by the name of Lawrence Schiller was given access to the set to shoot publicity stills for the movie. 

Having worked with Marilyn before on Let’s Make Love, he was trusted, although she did quip “Don’t get too cocky, photographers can be replaced”.  This sensational and beautifully crafted book is the product of that liaison and the book contains photos, some never published before, of the swimming pool scene where Marilyn removed her flesh coloured bathing suit to go “au naturel”. This was done to remove her fellow Twentieth Century-Fox actress Elizabeth Taylor off of all the major magazine covers of the world as Liz was making her own waves on the set of Cleopatra in Rome.

Schiller’s book is thought-provoking and offers the reader a truly marvellous look at Marilyn, often candid and caught unawares, but showing that she was fit, vibrant and gorgeous, and looking like she had not a care in the world. 

For all Marilyn Monroe fans out there I ardently recommend you add this book to your collection. Marilyn & Me honours so magnificently an actress who still haunts us today.

Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller is published by Taschen.

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