Bleach at The Garden Theatre at St Gabriel’s Halls, Pimlico: Press night review by Stephen Vowles

Bursting on to the stage in a blaze of white light, Dan Ireland-Reeves plays Tyler an escort and working boy who is earning good money. This is not about survival, this is a job he is control of. Richard Lambert’s incredible lighting evokes and even reinforces the power  and passion Ireland-Reeves brings to the role which is both hard-hitting, ground-breaking, totally convincing and very watchable. An immediate attention grabber. 

This is also a very clever and funny observational look at how a young man has chosen to live his life; placing into his sports bag everything he needs from clean underwear to Viagra – the tools of his trade. Ireland-Reeves is a remarkable young actor, eloquent and understands the true majesty of words. In parts you can describe the narrative as predictable but this is easily forgiven, as this is also an accurate portrayal. 

Ireland-Reeves uses a simple white box as a prop turning it in a plinth where his body language takes on an almost statuesque quality. This makes for very strong imagery, once again superbly lit by Lambert. 

This is more than a single man’s monologue, this is acting of a very high standard where Ireland-Reeves’ commitment to his craft and delivery of a performance that showcases the brutality of the character he plays, but also demonstrates moments of calmness and caring that make up the everyday needs of a man living his gay life, and the clients he visits. Ireland-Reeves is destined  for great things. Bravo to him! Riveting stuff. 


The Garden Theatre Summer Festival, St Gabriel’s Halls, Boys Club, Churchill Gardens, Pimlico London SW1V 3AA. Tickets from 

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