My Night with Reg at the Turbine Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles

This production of My Night with Reg, Kevin Elyot’s award-winning and much-loved dark comedy, is very good. A riveting revival and a superb ensemble cast lead by Stephen K Amos (Benny) with James Bradwell (Eric), Edward M Corrie (John), Paul Keating (Guy), Gerard McCarthy (Daniel) and Alan Turkington (Bernie). This is a play about friendship and with echoes of The Boys in the Band, the dialogue is delivered in the same rapid way, extremely fluid, punchy and very funny. 

This cast have a magic about them which shines out as each of the characters represent a certain type of gay man, with all their faults, mannerisms and ways of doing things by simply living their lives. This is a play about AIDS but that word is never used in the script.

Special mention has to go to Paul Keating as Guy whose performance as the host who just wants to make everyone happy is simply superb, and also to Stephen K Amos whose sardonic presence on stage is a masterclass in acting an understated performance; both charming and delightful. 

All in all this is a beguiling, bittersweet production of a play that has stood the test of time. Directed by Matt Ryan with a true understanding of what its writer, the late Kevin Elyot, wanted to achieve. 


Photos by Mark Senior

My Night with Reg runs to Saturday 21st August at the Turbine Theatre, Arches Lane, Circus West, London, SW11 8AB 

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