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Summer is here and even though the sun has been a bit shy so far there is a great energy in the air. With greater freedoms and more flesh on show we can feel the sex in the air. With the last 15 months being what they were we can imagine that you might not feel comfortable enough to channel all that built up sexual energy into a random flesh-on-flesh action or throwing yourself into an adult party or sauna. To make sure you still get the release you need the team at have come up with 3 ways to satisfy your body and mind needs.

1. For the intense orgasm seeker

Sure, we have some amazing masturbators and Fleshjack ranges which are great. Some even vibrate for extra sensations. But did you know you can actually increase the intensity of your orgasm with a prostate massager and some other anal toys? To start with I had no idea and then I tried it. After a few times trying it really did the trick, I am sure my neighbours can confirm this. The hook of the massager pushes on your p-spot and vibrates whilst you are wriggling around and masturbate…. heaven! Why not have a double whammy and treat your manhood to a vibrating masturbator whilst your prostate is getting a healthy dose of TLC. For those of you that like some room aromas when enjoying anal play or any action really, we recommend the best place to buy Poppers UK the Popper Super Shop.


2. Tease yourself to please yourself

I know we have enough pent up energy, but what if you notched it up a gear with the use of a Chastity cage meaning you literally cannot get a hard on or be tempted to some heavy petting. Release the beast after a few days and my goodness… you might wanna cover the ceiling from the spurts! Our new Oxballs meatlocker chastity range is great and are softer to touch making them more comfortable than some other Chastity cages out there. Urethral sounding is another excellent way to get to a super intense orgasm, it might feel a bit awkward for those who have never inserted anything into their penis whole but after a while it becomes one of those feelings that just hurt so damn good.


3. Get sexy and show yourself off

This might not feel like releasing sexual tension but some confidence boosting comments on your latest Insta pic in the latest Addicted, Pump or Bill and Brandon gear are certainly going to make you feel sexy. For those of you that like a bit more of a fetish edge we have some great gear from Breedwell and AD Fetish plus a great harness collection.


So, there you have it! If you are not ready yet to throw yourself into the mix, these are some great ways to please yourself. For those of you that are ready, go out there and get yourself some action, enjoy and don’t forget to stock up on lube, erection pills and other sex essentials.

Timing is everything and guess what…. the big esmale Summer Sale has started. We have big discounts on 1000’s of products throughout the store so come in and have a look!

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