Summer is coming, get ready for some fun with!

Summer is coming, so we asked Team esmale to help us get ready for some fun in the sunshine!

Spring is here and summer is coming. More importantly we are gradually coming out of lockdown. We can already go to the pubs and enjoy outside drinks and show off our new haircuts! Another big thing for many is getting back into the gym. I for one am desperate to shift some of my lockdown weight gain. I have never had so many takeaways in my life and before I go into an actual store to buy some new jeans, I want to get back to my pre-lockdown size.

Our biggest excitement is the Summer, I know we just had some snow, but the Summer is on its way and after June we should be back to some sort of normality. at least if all things go well. We have everything crossed for this. It is at this point we can all dance together and have some flesh-on-flesh action, something we are excited for!

To get ready for the action this Summer we have a few things you might like.

New underwear

For that very first impression when the trousers drop or to style out those sexy selfies, we have some great new gay underwear for you. From C-in2, Addicted, Pump, Barcode and more. Soon we will also be stocking the Bill & Brandon plus Breedwell brands so keep an eye out.

New Sex Toys and Fetish

The main idea of finally having man to man action is to not need the sex toys but let’s not forget how much added fun they can bring! We have great new toys in store from Fleshjack, Brutus, Oxballs and many more top brands. All designed to add extra pleasure to your playtime.

Sex Essentials and Poppers

We are assuming you will need to stock up on essentials as we are hoping you get all the fun you desire. For the best and extra strong poppers UK we always suggest There you can get all the big brands like Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Fist, Jungle Juice, Liquid Gold Poppers and a selection of European imports. At esmale you can get all your other essentials such as lube, erection pills, delay spray, fisting gear and much more.

These are just a few things to get you ready for some good adult fun this summer. Timing is everything and the time is now as the big spring sale is on and all these items are reduced and all your fun gear is now available at great price.

Bring on the good times!

With love,


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