Dirty Weekend or Steamy Shower? Choose your new LX Designer Candles and take an aromatic, sensual journey

LX Designer Candles are a new range of aromatic candles created with the discerning man in mind and are inspired by a fictional journey through the eyes of an unknown protagonist. The scents have been specifically chosen and developed to evoke a continuing narrative, and can also stand alone as a distinct individual fragrance. Steven Chinnery from Lolo Creative told us more.

Hi Steven, can you tell us how the LX Designer candles range came about?

As a costume and uniform design company, we create immersive experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands. We wanted to utilise our skills and create an immersive at-home experience too. We’ve always loved how a certain scent can bring a memory back and suddenly you’re in that moment again. It got us thinking, if that works for childhood memories or god forbid, exes, why can’t it work for something more… naughty?!

We had a lot of fun discussing the moments we would like to bring back, and of course the ones we wouldn’t! We eventually settled on eight key memories and set to work – LX Lab was born. Also being a company that usually works within the hospitality sector, lockdown gave us the ideal time to develop these fragrances and the full product itself.

What makes the candles unique?

With there being a lack of sensual ‘manly’ products on the market we wanted to step away from the sometimes overpowering floral notes you find in scented candles and give the guys, and girls, something more masculine to really get their nose into.

Each fragrance has been specially chosen and developed to really bring sexy memories to life. They are totally new to the market and uniquely blended and each come with an individual story to set the ambience paired with evocative names.

You’re being taken on a journey from a first kiss to a midnight tryst, by way of a secret Rendez-Vous, a Dirty Weekend and a Steamy Shower or two – it can take as long or as short as want, but if you enjoy it, we have it ready for you!

Coming from a design company, the look and feel of the candles was just as important to get right as the fragrances themselves. We have split our first collection into two ranges of four fragrances each to fit your daytime and night time needs: AM and PM. AM is showcased in a cool grey glass with a punchy red accent and interior that throws a beautiful colour when the candle is lit. PM features a sleek black exterior with a flash of hot magenta inside which glows beautifully when lit. It’s a thought out candle from the packaging to the wick – bringing you bespoke designs, unique scents and the added bonus of naughty nostalgia.

They are based around experiences all Boyz readers will know well, can you tell us about the different themes?

Every reader of Boyz will surely understand some, if not all of the experiences we have captured! Whether it’s a sweet ‘Sicilian Kiss’, or the heady cologne of the local Casanova at the bar whilst on holiday, tempting you into a ‘Summer Fling’.

You can’t forget ‘The Morning After’, or the subsequent Walk of Shame’ either, an earthy, peppery fragrance that makes you remember the fun times of the night before!

We all know these experiences intimately, whether we admit it publicly or not – and that’s why we’ve also put up a page on our website that is dedicated to the (anonymous) sharing of these memories from our customers. Each month there’s even the chance to win a free candle for the best story given!

Where have you sourced the ingredients of the candles and what makes them special?

Our candles are made in the UK and we’re quite proud of that. From development of the fragrances right through to the pouring of the wax, it has all taken place here, and we have worked closely with a great company based in the South East to bring it all together.

Creating the perfect scent to evoke these memories is our aim. There is of course a gorgeous base of different woods and musks, as everything sexy usually is! But the top notes of orris root, rosemary, mandarin to name a few were a surprising addition to us and we had a lot of fun discovering and learning during this process.

Can you tell us a little more about the creator of LX candles, Laurent Guinci?

Laurent Guinci, or Lolo to his friends, is a French designer who has been based in London since 1994. Despite his origins in the sciences with degrees in Maths, Physics and Astronomy, he always had an innate urge to own a design business.

After working in the UK and European film industry within the costume and 2nd unit departments, Laurent launched his design company LOLO Creative and seamlessly moved from working on the Harry Potter film franchise to becoming Creative Director of the Harry Potter Tour in London since the very beginning. It was from the Harry Potter Tour that he was approached by Universal Studios to develop the costumes for the new Wizarding World rides in Orlando, and a new area of expertise was created. Working on various other lands in the parks, from the Volcano Bay water park and the newly opened Nintendo Land in Japan, LOLO Creative was then chosen to design and develop the whole wardrobe for Universal Beijing Resort, opening in just a few months’ time.

Which is your favourite candle and why?

I have always had a firm favourite since early development: Men in Suits’.  It may be a personal preference of mine from the name, but the smell is a delicious mix that really does make you think of the scent of a sexy well dressed man – a loosened tie, a waft of a day’s hard work coming from his open collar. It really gets me going!

It’s very hard to pin down my second favourite, as they all have something tasty about them, but it could be The Morning After’. It takes you to that moment of linen, sweat, aftershave and that certain je ne sais quoi that’s between you and whoever you shared that bed with!

LX Designer Candles are available online at

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Sexy soft touch packaging and masculine weighty glass
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Specially developed fragrances
Unique colourways

40 hours of pure sexiness (a.k.a. burn time).

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