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Stay sexy! Libidex’s brand new range of shorts and vests

Latex fashion specialists Libidex have just released the first of their brand new male collection of sexy shorts and vests. We asked Lily from Libidex to tell us more.

“We are  thrilled to announce our brand new male collection of shorts and vests! 

Here you will find a creative abundance of new shorts and tops, from super colourful to downright cheeky. If you like buckles and all things bondage, look no further, we have gone to town in order to bring you some fetching creations.

Shorts are the first go-to item for guys and male identifiers, and an excellent introduction piece if you are new to the wonderful world of latex. We have now created even more options to suit your style. 

Complete your look with a quick and easy vest, plain and discreet or more stylised with digits and appliques. We have created some fantastic laser cut designs to inject more colour into your latex wardrobe. 

This fantastic new range will be released in 5 weekly launches, so keep your eyes wide open as there is much more to come in the following weeks!”

Aero Vest

Introducing our brand new mesh design. Lasercut for precision, giving your skin some air whilst still looking hot in latex.


Matako Chaps

Cycle shorts with a cheeky bum out, featuring a bold contrasting cock panel for even more undeniable attention.


Hurricane Vest

Keeping it strapped down, the hurricane vest incorporates a latex harness in the design, one that you will never lose if you unbuckle it!


Pride Shorts

Expressing the whole array of rainbow colours in this retro design, wear them with pride! 


Bedlam Shorts

Buckle yourself up in these heavily decorated bedlam shorts, mix and match colours to suit your style. 


Comic Shorts

Pow! Wham! Bam! Add a little fun to your serious calibre, pick your favourite action word and we will lasercut it perfectly just for you! Add it to your favourite poppy colours and you have just created the perfect pair for a party! 


Rivet Shorts

All the metal! Studs framing your crotch and a matching heavy metal zip, the rivet shorts look hardcore and stylish. 

Check out the new collection of shorts and vests – and the full Libidex latex range – at libidex.com


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