“The world’s first LGBTQ+ Meditation Course begins on Sunday 31st January,” explains Rajesh from FISU Meditation

The FISU meditation and spiritual foundation have contacted us about their new meditation course which they say is “The world’s first dedicated meditation course for the LGBTQ+ community”. We asked Rajesh from FISU Meditation to tell us more.

Built on our LGBTQ+ community meditators’ profound and transformational experiences, and with some of them now teachers on this project to help spread the benefits of meditation to the LGBTQ+ community, we have crafted the world’s first LGBTQ+ Meditation Course beginning on Sunday, 31st January at 2pm GMT.

There are many single meditation lessons and videos around the web for the community. Still, none are dedicated to taking you in a personal journey of self-discovery and strengthening over 12 weeks led by an LGBTQ+ instructor.

Ten live instructor-led sessions are delivered through our innovative course player integrated with Zoom, plus 45 self-paced study lessons via videos, audios and eBooks.  The self-paced study lessons follow the course’s path and deliver content relevant to the learner’s experiences at this time.

Online course details and schedule:

Here are some of the many course benefits:

  • Coming Out – Gain strength to make it a celebration of your identity
  • Self Acceptance & Loving Yourself
  • Calm, Relaxation & Peace of Mind – Stop Mind Chatter
  • Improve Mental Health Well-Being especially after lockdown
  • Cultivate Compassion & Forgiveness
  • Be who you want to be – Gender does not define you
  • Greater Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Scene Influences – easier to steer away from “scene” influences
  • Sharpen concentration and accelerate Cognition
  • Overcoming Depression
  • How to avoid Addictions, Promiscuity, and Dependencies

All these subjects are covered within the course plus many others.

Testimonials from the LGBTQ+ Community are here:

The entire 12-week course cost is a reasonable £199 – with concessions for unemployed.

75 minute free introductory talks (obligatory to attend before enrolling) are regularly scheduled.

FISU Meditation is a non-profit organisation and registered educational charity that teaches the art of Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment.

FISU does not have any employees worldwide, and its teachers dedicate their time to others as meditation has changed their lives and want to help others change theirs.

For more details, please email: [email protected]

Main FISU Website:


Twitter: @rajeshananda


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