The Sacred Band Trinity: a new fantasy series sees Greek myth and Arthurian legend collide with modern LGBT awareness

The three volumes in James MacTavish’s The Sacred Band Trinity bring together a compelling cocktail of history, myth, legend and literature. Set against a backdrop of Greek mythology and Arthurian epics, MacTavish simultaneously helps build support and understanding for today’s LGBT community. It’s a true literary first, as time bends, and social stereotypes are questioned to their core.

James MacTavish is direct and blunt with his opinion; none of the existing TV, movie and book “heroes” highlighting the LGBT community directly spoke to him when he came out. The issue mostly came down to stereotypes. While these forms of media were making admirable attempts to put gay characters front-and-centre in their stories, they were simply draped in clichés  that don’t apply to everyone.

Fusing this desire to assist the LGBT community with his love for Greek mythology and ancient legend, MacTavish has released his own trilogy of fantasy books: The Sacred Band Trinity, Excalibur and Grail.

“I want my heroes to actually inspire and lead in my readers’ heads, not just be accepted for who they are, particularly in terms of their stories of coming out,” explained MacTavish. 

“It’s all about challenging stereotypes and working to help people find their place in the world, and live as their best self. 

“I found that previous attempts to do this were helpful, but the gay characters were still chock-full of stereotypes that simply don’t apply to everyone,” he said.

“Each story is the product of hundreds of hours of research and development, shaken up into a cocktail with my boundless creative flair. It’s certainly a unique mix that will have any reader questioning who they are, what they should believe, and what is really important.” 

“Spoiler alert – it’s loyalty, duty and the love of their friends and family!” MacTavish told us.

Having been inspired by several works focusing on the journey of coming out, finding your place and living life to the full – MacTavish challenges the cultural stereotypes of the fantasy genre and presents his audience with heroes that can inspire and lead, not just be accepted. . 

“As a keen competitive swimmer, expect references to an individual’s strength and discipline whist championing the notion that sometimes, to be different is to be better,” said MacTavish.

The Sacred Band Trinity stories

Volume 1: Palladium 

The legendary myths of Ancient Greece and Arthurian Britain are brought together in the search for a prized relic of limitless power born from the love and grief of the goddess Pallas Athena herself. The descendants of the Sacred Band of Thebes – one hundred and fifty male lovers and the bravest of warriors – have sworn an oath to defend the relic and protect it from falling into the wrong hands… an honour shared by six of the direct descendants of King Arthur’s Round Table of Knights. Challenge comes from the Knights’ own former brethren, The Six, that believe in an alternative vision of control and order for the world. Both factions have been at war over the centuries… and now comes the opportunity for each to realise their destinies.

Volume 2: Excalibur

Following the events of Palladium, the sacred statue born of ancient Greece, has been found. The Knights of the White Dragon wield both the Palladium and the Necklace of Harmonia once again, a power strong enough to both create and topple empires. The world however, remains largely unchanged since the Red Dragon encountered their foes at Tintagel, leaving them to wonder exactly what their former brethren of the Round Table have planned. Meantime, a legendary relic entwined to both factions has had its own calling, with one knight in particular having to rise to the challenge.

Volume 3: Grail 

The Sacred Band Trinity concludes with the remaining Red Dragon members in a race against time to prevent Lady Morgan Worthington and her White Dragon acolytes fulfilling an ancient prophecy that would reshape the world. Luke Allen possesses the fabled blade of Excalibur, but must understand its true nature in order to wield it, whereas younger brother Adam is conflicted by grief and duty as a Sacred Band warrior. The mysteries of King Arthur and the Round Table unfold before them both, and to prevent centuries worth of history repeating once more, they and their allies must stand and confront the power of the Trinity – the foundation of many faiths – and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect those they love. Even if this means making the ultimate sacrifices.

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