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Can you believe that we are still locked down? It is driving us mad! Almost a year on and we are still unable to move around the way we like and meet who we want, when we want. The amount of fun and flesh we have lost out on is heart-breaking, but the guys at have some great suggestions for you despite the continuing lockdown.

Now Valentine’s is coming and what can we do? The single people can’t go on a date, the couples can’t plan a special day out and even the Valentine’s haters can’t publicly roll their eyes! What is there left to do? Well…. in case you are wondering, we have some suggestions that might just put a smile on your face and are suitable for all.

At esmale we focus on providing adult fun and fashion, an all-round gay sex shop if you like. Why not make Valentine’s all about treating yourself and/or your partner to some serious sexual sensations? With that in mind we have put together a top 5 of things to do for Valentine’s in lockdown.

Valentine’s brand of 2021

Hot Octopuss is our Valentine’s brand of the year. These premium toys are simply amazing and will provide you with sensations you have not had before, we promise! The Jett, for example, is a hands-free penis vibrator that has so many settings and the vibes are so strong we doubt you can make it to full capacity before having the most amazing climax.  The Pulse masturbators and Atoms ring are also excellent. They all have a remote control making it fun on your own or as a couple.

Get your Kink on this Valentine’s

Why not spend the day of love focusing on lust. Make him wait with some of our chastity cages or tie him up and have your wicked way? If you are spending the day by yourself, we have some great Urethral sounds in our collection. Sounding is a pleasure that is difficult to describe but my lord, when done well it will have your body shivering with joy!

Bum Loving!

What certainly has been missing during lockdown for many is getting a good seeing to! Luckily, we have a massive collection of anal toys for couples and single men. Fun for two with our double-ended dildos are a guaranteed way to some horny fun. Playing on your own? Why not try one of our vibrating dildos with strong suction cups. Slap it on a smooth surface and ride it, baby. Some have 7 different settings making the party in your bum one you will not soon forget. Available in various sizes. Make sure you have plenty of lube and if you are a fan get some Poppers UK and see if you can get to the final setting!

Get Sexy

Feeling sexy is a great way to get through any day let alone Valentine’s. What better way to feel sexy than in a pair of body enhancing underwear or maybe you are keener on a leather Jock & Harness combination. Whatever does it for you, we have it available in our huge gay underwear collection and fetish section.

Don’t run out of essentials!

Being in lockdown gives us lots of time to play so make sure you do not run out on your essentials. At esmale we have well over 100 different lubes and also offer erection pills and other enhancement products like delay creams, anal numbing gels and lube shooters. Other essentials like fisting gloves, bed sheets covers and anal douches all make sure you can play hard without a care in the world. For those loving a bit of extra stimulation from poppers we suggest you get those at the

So, there you have it, our top 5 of things to keep you busy during a Valentine’s Day in lockdown. All we can do now is hope that restrictions are reduced soon and things can go back to normal so we can put our dancing shoes on again. How heavenly would it be to enjoy a night out and end up in bed with some sexy random stranger or much-loved fuck buddy? Not to forget showing your man how much you love him after a romantic night out.

To make things a bit more attractive we have heavily discounted 1000’s of our products so that lockdown fun does not have to break the bank.

Much love,

Team esmale

You check out the full range of esmale products at

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