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NHS backs new Gender Dysphoria Service at 56 Dean Street

TransPlus is a new pilot Gender Dysphoria Service commissioned by NHS England and being run at 56 Dean Street in Soho. We asked the team at 56 Dean Street to tell us more and Tash Oakes-Monger are happy for us to tell their story from their recent Twitter thread.

What is TransPlus?

TransPlus is an exciting new service commissioned by NHS England and run at 56 Dean Street. It is a new pilot Gender Dysphoria Service initially commissioned for two years but we hope eventually much longer. It’s the first new Gender Dysphoria Service in England for a long time so we are thrilled NHS England chose us.

It’s the first time ever in the UK a Gender Dysphoria Service has been based within sexual health so we’re doubly excited. The pilot will allow us to see 450 patients initially which means we have to have strict criteria as to who we can and can’t see. After this, we plan to expand and open up the inclusion criteria to be able to see many, many more.

What does 56 Dean Street know about being a Gender Dysphoria Service?

56 Dean Street has a long history of serving the trans community opening up the first weekly trans specific sexual health service in the country for trans and non binary people over eight years ago. We see over 25 trans people per week and have provided hormone monitoring for many years. Now we can finally prescribe hormones and blockers! The new pilot is overseen by an existing gender specialist. Some of us are also doing the new Diploma in Transgender Healthcare.

Can I join the service or get my GP to refer me?

OK so if you’ve read this far you might be someone who wants to join the pilot. At the moment we can only see people who are already on a waiting list for an existing Gender Dysphoria Service (we know there are thousands of you out there!). This is because NHS England obviously want to get the waiting lists down, makes sense right.

Also you have to be registered with one of Chelsea and Westminster’s clinics before 1 January 2020. That means you’ve attended 56 Dean Street, John Hunter Clinic, 10 Hammersmith Broadway or Sexual Health Hounslow. Why you might ask… well we had to select patients somehow! Hey, we know we’re popular and what we couldn’t have was people registering with us just to join the pilot because then we’d just have huge waiting lists and that’s no good for anyone! We can’t accept GP referrals yet, your GP still has to refer you to an existing Gender Dysphoria Service. There’s more info about getting referred online:

Will I get the all the same benefits at TransPlus that I would get if I attended one of the existing Gender Dysphoria Services?

Absolutely, we can now diagnose patients with gender dysphoria, prescribe and monitor hormones, make referrals for surgery etc. We also have a Speech and Language Therapist, can offer facial epilation and all this runs alongside an extensive Wellbeing Programme.

We think we maybe offer a bit more; we have Bootcamp for Trans Women, smoking cessation, peer support, a health programme In partnership with Chelsea Football club to name but a few. We can also manage your HIV, give you PrEP and do all your other sexual health bits!

You won’t miss out on anything!

I think I am eligible, what do I do next?

Get in touch! Check out our glossy new website at but also email us at [email protected] and one of the team will get back to you.

Is the Trans Sexual Health Clinic 56T still running?

100%, not even Covid could stop us! 56T still runs every Wednesday night from 4:30pm-7pm so come along and see us if you need us; no appointment needed. We offer hormone monitoring, vaccines, PrEP, sexual health advice etc… check out the page on 56 Dean Street’s website for more information at

For more information about TransPlus please go to or

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