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Tips for adult fun during your isolation from esmale

4 tips for indoor adult fun during your isolation from esmale

Tip 1: Wank!  

Wanking has never been so fun, and isolation has led to a huge increase in guys getting down and dirty during webcam sessions – and for me a re-discovery of many porn sites that Id not visited since I got hooked to Grindr a few years ago! Ive also been experimenting with gay sex toys, my Fleshjack for example is getting more use than ever. I have also discovered some other wanking toys and a few of them are insane! I have used the Jett from Hot Octopuss and I am not joking when I say it was one of the best orgasms ever! It is hands-free and has various different levels of strong vibrations to deliver you a hands-free orgasm.  

Another new discovery is the shower mount from Fleshjack, you stick it on a smooth service like the wall in your shower, attach your masturbator and enjoy some hands-free humping. The top of a Fleshjack can be screwed tight or loose depending how strong you want the suction to be, yeah baby!  

Tip 2: Explore a fetish! 

Why not use this time at home to explore that fetish you have always wondered about? Being at home and on the internet is a perfect way to explore everything (okay, not quite everything!) out there. Fetishes dont have to be the likes of fisting, getting tied up, or pissed on but in other things, such as wearing fetish gear. Who doesnt like a guy in sports gear? And Im not talking just footie kit – try on some Lycra and see how it feels against your skin. If this isn’t the perfect time to run around the house in your favorite jock then when is?

I had never tried sounding but was always curious, mostly because I was wondering why the hell someone would enter an Urethral Sound in your penis hole, OUCH! This sounds painful and for me the first time it felt a little uncomfortable, I must admit, but in a really horny way. After a few times I kind of got addicted to that feeling and now I love it and never thought I would. 

So whatever fetish you have lurking in the back of your mind, go and explore! 

Tip 3: Play, play and play some more 

What better way to spend your time pleasuring yourself and treating your body to some intense sensations with gay sex toys. Its a great time to experiment with your limits, especially now you have plenty of time. For example, how much can you take? Everyone has different boundaries, if you are new at anal play, start small. Maybe a finger or two for starters. There are dildos and other toys in all shapes and sizes to try. Some literally can make your eyes water! One of my new finds was an inflatable butt plug, very easy to insert and you can pump it up as much as you want.  

If you live with a partner then why not try the using a penis sheath, they will add some extra length and girth to the manhood, see how he likes it now.  

All-in-all, try and have as much fun as realistically possible during this necessary time alone. And just think how horned up everyone else will be once things get better. So, spend this time preparing for that magic day. 

Tip 4: Stock up on essentials! 

Well yeah, hopefully you have your essentials such as bread, milk, tea, and toilet paper. But here I’m talking your sex essentials. During these uncertain times we would certainly recommend you have plenty of essentials such as lube, erection rings and pills, condoms and don’t forget your Poppers UK.

One thing that the past few weeks has taught us is to be cleaner, so don’t forget to have an anal douche before playtime. Also, keep all your toys clean. Soap and warm water works with most (check the manufacturers’ website first) although there are sex toy cleaners on the market if you want to go that extra mile. 

For a massive collection of gay adult gear have a look at where you can buy all these products and make the most out of your time indoors. 

Enjoy your isolation!  

Team esmale  

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