Pam Ann’s show at The Two Brewers has been postponed and is being rescheduled for Friday 5 June


Fasten those seatbelts boys because Pam Ann is coming back to The Two Brewers. Everyone’s favourite and most fabulous flight attendant is landing back in the UK and we are so here for it! Daniel Warner asks her what’s been going on and gets the low down on Mary Poppins, Harry and Meghan, Idris Elba and a Greggs Steak Bake.

Well hello gorgeous Pam Ann! So this isn’t your first time in London, or at The Two Brewers – you are the most glamorous jetsetter we know. Can you tell us what we can expect from your show at The Brewers?

I am coming back with brand new Mary Poppins spoof videos and a fucking umbrella! The Two Brewers is the home of Pam Ann, it’s my family and the audience is always full of loyal Pam Ann frequent flyers. It’s a place I can let loose, play and be as outrageous and filthy as I like. Jimmy Smith, DJ Demon, Jamie, Sandra, Moses (security) are my family for life. I have performed at The Two Brewers for over 20 years and I couldn’t do it without the love and support of my dearest friends Glyn Drew, Kirk Golding and Mark Winwood. They are always with me behind the curtain zipping me up and reapplying my cock sucking coral lip gloss or just holding me up. I have so many memories I just wish I could remember them!

Do you miss us Londoners or can you just take us and leave us?

I miss you all so much! I love London! I spent 10 years of my life here. My Mum is from Heswall in Cheshire so I am half British and carry a British passport. I will always be connected and have huge affection for London and the UK. London is after all, where I really built my career to what it is today so I am forever grateful. I adore you!

We adore you Pam Ann and we’ve missed you! I’m imagining you might have something to say about stuff that’s been in the news since the last time we saw you?

Well Rocket Man won an Oscar! I love Elton and David so much and applaud everything they do for HIV and AIDS. It’s extraordinary!

I forgot just how many famous and fabulous friends you have. Did you help relocate Harry, Meghan and Archie? Were they on one of your flights?

I am with them as we speak, they stayed with me in Miami recently.

OK, we will keep that between you, me and the readers of Boyz. Is there anyone else in particular you’d like on your flight deck?

Idris Elba can spin my flight decks anytime.

Yes, Idris would definitely get an upgrade from me too. What and who are your favourite things to do whilst you’re in England?

I love a Greggs Steak Bake, drinking myself stupid at The Standard London and nothing beats dancing the night away at Horse Meat Disco with my favourite Horse Meat Disco DJs Jim Stanton and Severino. LOVE EM!

What else are you up to this year? Are we going to see you again or is this just a flying visit?

I have some very exciting projects coming up but if I told you I’d have to kill you. I will see you on Friday 5 June at the Mother Ship The Two Brewers.

That’s just like you, keeping all us Boyz in suspenders. Finally then, tell me how do you stay so fierce, funny and fabulous?

Champagne, cocaine and cock!

Pam Ann’s show at The Two Brewers has been postponed and is being rescheduled for Friday 5 June. Details and tickets for the show from

The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, Clapham, SW4.


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