Me, Myself and I: John Bellamy from Hamilton Hall Hotel

John Bellamy is the owner of the Hamilton Hall Hotel in Bournemouth, a men-only, clothing optional venue which offers a range of events based around spirituality & sex.

Where are you from originally?

Bournemouth – but from 16 to 45 I lived elsewhere and returned to open Hamilton Hall.

What job did you do before setting up Hamilton Hall?

Sex Guru/Escort/Therapist

Why set up Hamilton Hall?

The UK has a lack of decent gay hotels that are men only and nothing at all offering sexual, self and spiritual development of mind, body and soul – exclusively for men. There are no exclusively men only spiritual venues offering self development exclusively for men – and nowhere where you can feel at home and to just relax and recharge. Hamilton Hall offers this and so much more.

Can you describe the hotel?

Traditional comforts with contemporary style. Luxurious hotel with an atmosphere of peace and calm as soon as you enter.

What special events happen?

We have the largest diary of events for men in any venue in the UK. Naked Chill Out, X Rated Weekends, Musical/Spiritual events and so much more.

What is your favourite place to visit in Bournemouth?

Studland Bay – the most beautiful naturist beach in the UK is very popular with gay men.

The last film you watched?

Sense8 on Netflix – a brilliant series. Star Trek Discovery – also brilliant.

Last play or musical you saw?

Cats the Movie – thought it boring and dull.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure – mmm… F**king a warm clean ass with my big fat d**k. There is not much I consider a GUILTY pleasure, as I do not consider anything I do GUILTY.

Your favourite book of all time?

Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch.

What has been the highlight of your life so far and why?

So much to choose from – so much: living in Hawaii and Mexico with a multi millionaire lover; appearing on Channel 4’s ‘Three in a Bed’; having had sex with tens of thousands of men and remaining HIV negative; running Hamilton Hall is a dream come true. Seeing Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey, Bette Midler, Liza Minelli – ha ha – and Liberace – all live in concerts.

Can you pick 4 people, alive or dead you’d invite to dinner?

My father and stepfather and my sister (all long dead), my twin brother (still alive and kicking…). No one famous … just something personal.

Who is your LGBT+ hero and why?

Peter Tatchell. We are where we are partly because of him. Bravely facing the bigots and homophobes from outside – and inside – the LGBTQ community.

Who are the most entertaining people you follow on social media and why?

RuPaul and Conchita Wurst were both so underwhelming live, I unfriended them both. They were the worst.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Hamilton Hall. My own venue, but as a guest and not the owner. It is exactly what I always hope to find but sadly, don’t in other venues.

What is your favourite quotation for a good life?

I am peaceful, calm and loving at all times, mind, body and soul.

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