Libidex leads the world in latex

Libidex has come a long way since arriving in the latex scene in 1989. Today, it’s one of the biggest designers and producers of high-quality latex clothing in the world.

Simon Rose, head designer and business owner of Libidex, had a unique vision for his business – he believed latex is for everyone, and should not be treated as an exclusivity. Libidex has achieved this vision by designing all kinds of unique garments, from classic fetish garments like catsuits and stockings, to full on costumes for roleplay and even latex bedding, as well as casual everyday style clothing.

Everything they design is meticulously tailored for different shapes and sizes in mind: available sizes range from XS to 6XL, Petite, Regular and Tall body lengths, and more extra customisation options on top with almost every garment.

Libidex has conducted business and collaborations with several famous clients including Lady Gaga, Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz, Cheryl, Girls Aloud, Julian Clary, Eminem, to name a few. Libidex has also worked with big names in the fashion world like Vivienne Westwood.

Today, happy rubber fans come back to Libidex not only for the high-quality standards but also their reasonable prices, unique designs and huge selection of thousands of products, with over a billion different colour combinations for almost every item. Customers come from all walks of life, including but not limited to trans people and cross dressers, clubbers, first-timers, cosplayers… the list goes on. 

The company has spent years cultivating a reputation for being inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, and vegan and cruelty free – qualities and causes that they care deeply about.

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