A private nod in a public world

Clonezone’s PR and Brand Manager Topher Taylor reveals the new Nasty Pig jewellery and accessories range available online and in store.

Nasty Pig has been part of the Clonezone family for a few years now and we’ve been head-over-heels in love since day one. This New York based company create designer fetish wear, fashion, underwear, BDSM gear and now they’re doing jewellery and accessories.

As soon as Nasty Pig announced that they were selling jewellery, our inboxes blew up with requests from customers who wanted to get their hands on it. And now it’s here!

Since 1994, Nasty Pig have been innovating the way that fashion-conscious gay guys dress. Their gear is chic at the same time as being ‘street’ which is why it resonates so well with our customers. Wearing Nasty Pig in public is a smooth way to suggest your sexuality without being too ‘in your face’. We’ve loved every line that’s ever arrived, with fabulous feedback from our customers too.

With their sexy jewellery and accessory lines, you can dress up a casual look or give a smarter look a kinky-edge. A stand out piece is the ‘Collar Chain Choker Necklace’, see this as part of your ‘Gear365’ routine. Just keep an eye out for those admiring eyes…

SNOUT Buckle with leather belt

This is a MUST HAVE for any Nasty Pig fanatic: The SNOUT Belt and Buckle. This sumptuous leather belt can be worn with casual wear, formalwear or as part of your kinky outfit.


Within their company DNA is something Nasty Pig call a private nod in a public world. The Snout Logo is your means by which to loudly announce yourself to every Nasty Pig around you while the rest of the world goes about their business. The Brandmark Neck Tie might be the ultimate in cultural subversion when you wear it to your next business meeting. White Collar Nasty Pig Realness.

COLLAR CHAIN Choker Necklace

We LOVE this ultra-sexy piece of hardware from Nasty Pig at Clonezone. Adjustable by pulling the leash chain through the ‘Nasty Pig’ branded loop, the collar screams fashion and fetish. It’s a really sexy piece that can easily look chic but kinky to knowing eyes.

NAME TAG Clip Flag

FLAG and UPGRADE your look with this NAME TAG Clip from Nasty Pig at Clonezone. This urban and chic clip is a perfect way to refresh trousers, a gym bag, your luggage, your jacket or anything you wish to clip it onto.

ALLOY STRAP Leather Wrap Bracelet

Made from sumptuous leather with a subtle ‘shine’, this stunning wrist-wrap-bracelet is fully adjustable to be worn either tight or loose. This is the perfect way to update/liven up your outfit, whether it be daywear, nightwear, or to be worn with your kinky gear.

Key Ring

Even your keyring can be provocative and kinky with this chic SNOUT LOGO keychain from Nasty Pig at Clonezone. This plump leather tab features the iconic SNOUT logo embossed into its texture. The metalware is ‘distressed’ to keep up with NP’s urban-edge.

Check out the full Nasty Pig jewellery and accessory range at

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