Orange onesies and red ribbons at Clonezone

2019 has gone so quickly says Clonezone’s PR and Brand Manager Topher Taylor – and now comes December with shopping for XXXmas and World AIDS Day.

Can you believe that it’s actually December? How did that happen? It feels like it was Valentine’s Day only 5 minutes ago, then suddenly it was the Porn Awards, Pride, Halloween and now… Christmas! What is happening? I really wasn’t ready for the sunshine to end. Growing up sucks.

December is an extremely busy time for us at Clonezone. As we pile drive through Black Friday and get Cyber Monday out of the way, we then hurtle towards XXXmas (as I call it) at such speed, that our feet hardly touch the ground.

It’s typically the time of year that people descend upon our stores to treat themselves to fashion, naughty bits-and-pieces and accessories to keep the break over Christmas and the New Year exciting.

One of the things I love most about our product range is you can grab something for a tenner, right up to £500 – so you can grab everything from a stocking filler, to Secret Santa gifts and even a proper ‘luxury’ Xmas treat for yourself or someone else.

One of the items I get absolutely obsessed with every year is the Union Suit from Nasty Pig. This provocative onesie or ‘one piece’ features buttons which open from the neckline, right down to the crotch, right around to your bum. They’re sexy, comfy and of luxurious quality. Are they cheap? No, but they last and will never go out of style.

Plus, this year they’ve made it in bright orange which is actually stunning. However, these suits always sell out, so if you are thinking of grabbing one for yourself (or someone else – what a great and unique gift!) I would grab it sooner rather than later. I assure you that this isn’t sales spiel, they do literally sell out every season and I have an inbox of people asking for more.

This time of year is always so full of consumption (and sometimes greed) that it feels nice to pay attention and devote my time and energy to causes that matter, which brings me to World AIDS Day. Powered by National AIDS Trust, this devoted day of acknowledgement and fundraising is a powerful reminder of the history of this pandemic.

As a gay business and having worked alongside so many HIV and AIDS charities over our 38 year history, it’s vital for us to show solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV worldwide. I know I sound a bit like a broken record, but we have a responsibility as a ‘sex’ retailer to educate people surrounding sexual health, responsible behaviour and also giving our customers access to support and education where it’s needed.

During November, we heavily supported HIV Testing Week for this reason – alongside having rapid HIV testing taking place in our UK locations year-round.

What will we be doing for World AIDS Day? As much as we can! Our locations will be doing fundraising for various charities and proudly wearing our red ribbons. We are also stocking the official National AIDS Trust Glittery Red Ribbon Brooch at £15.99 with 100% of proceeds going to the incredible charity. If you can’t get yourself to a Clonezone store, these will also be available online at

Every year we utilise our locations and social media to draw attention to the cause, and we always will. If you have a few spare quid, chuck it in a collection pot at any Clonezone store or grab a brooch!

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