Molly & Tommy making you proud

Molly & Tommy is a new clothing company for the LGBTQIA+ community all over the world. Darren Edwards from Molly & Tommy told us more about the brand, their new T shirt and underwear ranges plus their latest video work with singer Allan Jay.

What is the history of the name Molly & Tommy?

The name Molly & Tommy originated in the 18th century in England where the term Molly was “code” for a male homosexual and Tommy for a homosexual women. It felt like a fitting name for an LGBT clothing company in the modern world where sexual prejudice still exists.

How would you describe your T shirt and underwear ranges?

The ranges are designed around being proud of who you are and feeling confident wearing an LGBT brand, whether that is a Molly & Tommy logo T-shirt or a full print. It is about standing proud, confident and colourful. But of course people can be a bit more uninhibited about underwear.

Can you tell us about your involvement with Allan Jay?

Allan Jay is an established, out and proud recording artist who also performs at many pride events. It was a natural fit to mix his music and our fashion. Allan is our brand ambassador, wearing our    clothing when he performs. With the release of his remix of “Always in Heaven” and the launch of our underwear line, we were both delighted to join forces to make the music video with the dancers in Molly & Tommy clothes.

Who are the guys in the video and why did you chose them to perform?

We decided to make the video very real for our LGBT community. It features a drag queen @itsagittaria from Barcelona, and 6 amazing guys to show that beauty comes in every shape, size and ethnicity. It is about being comfortable in your own skin. The video shows that regardless of your body type, if you are comfortable with who you are, you will feel and look great. You only have to see the video to know the guys did just that.

What are you plans for Molly & Tommy in the future?

The next range will be swimwear. In 2020 we will be attending many more pride events so people can see our clothes up close rather than just online. We will continue to expand our product offerings. Our ambition is to grow the company into a socially responsible fashion house with a full collection offering that LGBT people can call their own. We also plan to use part of our profits to support LGBT causes for those most in need.

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