The Good Scout at Above The Stag: Press night review by Stephen Vowles 

Writer Glenn Chandler, who also directed his production of the Good Scout, is a master storyteller and by including historically accurate events – including speeches by Neville Chamberlain and Hitler – added to the authenticity of this well-crafted play. The Good Scout tells the story of two German Nazi youth being invited to England by Baden Powell, the founder of the Scout movement, to spend time with their English counterparts.

This is a very well researched history lesson and expertly performed by an incredible cast especially Charlie Mackay as Jacob Collier whose immersive interpretation of the lad coming to terms with his homosexuality is a masterclass in acting. His fellow cast members of Daniel Cornish as Will Parish showing a huge emotional range, Clemente Lohr as Gerhard Kleeman, stern with an acute Aryan bent, Simon Stache superb as Friedrich Dort who gives a compelling performance where his character challenges the ideals of the Nazi ideology that he has been indoctrinated into and with fundamental support by Lewis Allcock as John Dory and lastly Amanda Bailey as Rose Parish.

Chandler through a very clever script, which also includes some wonderful satirical overtones, looks at the effects of compulsive order, the power of persuasion, having to obey, feeling threatened and doing the threatening, conflict of beliefs and the desire to dream. He looks at the impact of suspicion and skullduggery and weaves into the story twists and turns that add to the ‘Boy’s Own’ adventure theme of the piece. This is also about camaraderie, bonding and what attracts us to our fellow human beings.

A story told with great affection of the lost innocence of youth where boys, just prior to the events of 1939, were to quickly become men.

Photos by PBG Studios


The Good Scout runs to Saturday 2nd November in the studio space at Above the Stag, 72 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall SE1 7TP. Tickets

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