Opening Times: Boldly going to Planet Trash

Following last year’s How To Catch a Krampus, Sink The Pink have once again teamed up with writer and performer Ginger Johnson to present another sensational festive show with more than a few twists. Escape From Planet Trash opens at the Pleasance Theatre on 19 November. Dave Cross had a catch up with Donald to discuss this thrilling sci-fi story.

Hi Ginger, how would you describe Escape From Planet Trash in one sentence?

Escape From Planet Trash is a ridiculous romp through time and space, imagining a very real future that the human race is hurtling towards.

What’s the story?

In the year 2000 – with resources on earth depleting fast and future life on the planet becoming unsustainable – a secret task force named Star Corp was set up to head out into space in search of a new home for the human race. 50 years on (and light years from home) the Star Corp are running out of time to complete their mission. Supplies are running low and the future of the colony is in jeopardy. Just as all seems lost, a signal reaches them from the wastes of deep space: a planet in distress that could be their only hope of survival.

Can you talk us through the characters and cast?

After all the fun we had last year with How To Catch A Krampus, I’m so excited to be getting the same gang back together to head off into the galaxy. This year’s show stretches out into the universe with a whole pile of characters keeping the cast busy – alien races, mutant seagulls, and a star turn from Lavinia Co-op as an anthropomorphised turd. Mairi Houston‘s stunning vocals head up the mission as captain of the Star Corp voyager and David Cumming returns to the role of my son, the poor kid.

This is making us think of TV show Futurama, what were the influences and references when writing?

I LOVE Futurama! Zoidberg is my spirit animal and there’s definitely a flavour of that kind of nonsense. This show is the second in a trilogy of queer Christmas shows we’re making for the Pleasance, and it continues that sideways look at classic B movies. Think Flash Gordon, The Body Snatchers, Forbidden Planet. All of that, but in higher heels. The politics of sci-fi from that era aren’t always the best, so it’s been fun queering the genre and subverting those tropes in our own ridiculous way.

What can you tell us about the music?

The music this year is more ambitious than ever. There are more synths at rehearsals than there are humans. We’ve pulled songs from all over the place to build our version of the galaxy, including hits from Kate Bush, David Bowie, Muse and a bit of Peter Andre thrown in for good measure. It’s getting LOUD out there.

Last year was The Krampus and now a space opera, do you think you’ll ever do a traditional Christmas show?

I don’t see why we should? Much of the traditions surrounding Christmas are built around ideas of family that often don’t apply to queer people. We want to find our own ways of getting through the dark winter months with new, queer stories and shining queer heroes.

Tickets on sale now at

Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, N7.

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