It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!

It’s the night when the dead walk the Earth searching for tasty treats… because there’s no chocolate in Hell… that’s why it’s Hell! But Halloween is much more than that, it’s the time of year when we can reveal our dark side, dress like the undead, embrace our inner witch, demon, monster or even pumpkin!  Dave Cross asked five freaks from the LGBT+ scene to tell us what All Hallows Eve means to them… Mwhahahahahahaha!

Jason Ford from Sweatbox 

Halloween is obviously gay Christmas. As Jessica Lange said, it’s what gays do! And as a gay, it’s the busiest time of my year. I’m hosting a Harry Potter theme quiz for charity at The RVT on Wednesday 30th with my friends The Lost Diaphragm and at Sweatbox, we’re all about things that go bump in the dark, so you might say every day is Halloween for us.

Baga Chipz

I love Halloween…I stuff my face with candy and it’s acceptable to scare children. Obviously I tend to scare a lot of people most days of the year, so it’s nice to be able to do it on purpose. On Saturday 26th I’m at the Halloween party at the Old Ship in Limehouse and the next day at Admiral Duncan – and of course Halloween is on a Thursday so I’ll be watching myself on that TV programme, BBC3, 8pm… Did I mention that?

Smashlyn Monroe 

As a sideshow drag freak burlesque performer Halloween is basically my Christmas. I really get to do what I love from hammering nails up my nose to dancing around like a demon overlord… I get to be my true self. This Halloween I am very very busy, you can check my socials for details  @SmashlynMonroe, but on the night itself I’m performing at Pop Horror – Frightanic at The  RVT and I’m ridiculously excited.

Stefanos Dimoulas from Ku Bar

Halloween means freedom to me. Freedom to show off your inside world and be be scary, sexy, funny, clever and outrageous. At Ku Bar our theme is Voodoo, we have sexy costumes and make-up artists, it takes a lot or organising to be this scary and sexy… we LOVE a dramatic party. We are starting on Saturday 26th, when we are open extra late and on the 31st itself you get all that plus our RuPaul’s Drag Race UK screening and our Throwback Thursday party in Klub.  


Halloween was the first time I ever went out in drag which was cool, even though I was dressed as Jessica Rabbit… I know, basic. I love that you can be anything, try new things and not have to edit it for anyone, Halloween really is whatever you want it to be. I’ll be at The Two Brewers on Saturday 26 October for their Halloween special with CK and in fact I’m there every Saturday now at 9.30pm.

Photos by Joel Ryder, thanks to The Two Brewers

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