Life’s A Gay Beach

What’s more enticing than clear waters, perfect sand, a cocktail and a few dozen near naked men? Lay out your towels, drop your phones (and your trunks) and relax as Daniel Warner takes you on a journey with our guide to 10 of the top gay beaches around the world to celebrate Ku’s Bank Holiday Beach Party.

Playa Es Cavallet, Ibiza

Es Cavallet beach is what we call a gay beach. Situated on the southern part of the island, there’s a bit of a walk once you arrive at one of the car parks, but when you see the rainbow flag, you’ve arrived. There’s the beach bar and restaurant called Chiringay. It starts to get busy from midday, so get there early to snag your sunbed. A livelier party atmosphere descends from 4pm onwards, with the tuned-up tempo wafting out of Chiringay to match the mood. There are hunting grounds in the sand dunes or privacy in little coves and corners.

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is known the world over for its heady mix of sun, sand and sex. To always mention the dunes and what can happen in them, is in some way a disservice to a beach that has miles of golden sand, a very friendly bar and a real mix of every guy that could take your fancy. Popular pretty much the whole year round, it’s worth a visit as it’s been proudly waving the rainbow flag for so long.

Balmins Beach, Sitges

There are a number of gay beaches in Sitges but Balmins has just the right mix of boys and bears for you to take your pick from. The beach is clothing optional and there is a really cute little bar should you need something cold and refreshing. Busy pretty much the whole year round, Bear Week in Sitges means you’ll be hard pushed to find a spot not taken up by something big and furry.

South Beach, Miami 

South Beach Miami was once the run down part of town, its stucco houses and faded glamour were thought seedy and lowlife, now however it’s full of the beautiful people. It comes highly recommended by one of our readers who had a very memorable encounter with a couple of hot Cuban guys he met while sunbathing. From the sounds of it, what was once Miami Vice is now Miami very nice.

The Pines & Cherry Cove, Fire Island

Fire Island has long been the playground of the glamorous and beautiful. It’s retained its hedonistic image since its 1980’s pre-AIDS heyday and is now the NY muscle boy, rich sugar daddy haven for all things smooth, hairless and gay. It can be too shallow for some but if you dig a little deeper beyond the million dollar houses and the buff and beautiful beach-goers, there’s still a lot of fun to be had and friends to be made.

Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

If you like your cocktails cool, your weather hot and the guys even hotter then Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv should be on your holiday wish list. Very popular with locals and also men from all over the world it’s been known to be standing room only during Pride week. That may sound a little too much to handle but if your idea of heaven is being surrounded by suntans and speedos then this is the beach to be. 

Werdinsel Beach, Zurich

When we asked you boys, what beaches you liked best this island in the River Limmat came up on our radar. It’s always good to try something new and apparently although Werdinsel Beach has a reputation for being quiet, peaceful and naturally beautiful, if you walk upstream you can launch yourself into the fast flowing river and float all the way down, catching the eye candy and waving to the (sometimes naked) guys as you go by. 

Sandy Bay, Cape Town

Hard to reach and even harder to forget this clothes optional beach is beautifully located at the foot of a mountain. It’s not easily accessible so you need to make sure you bring your supplies for the day and the water isn’t the warmest for swimming but from what we’ve heard the fellow sunbathers and the beautiful sunsets are two things that will definitely take your breath away. 

Boy Beach, Provincetown

Provincetown has everything you need for a boys holiday and at Boy Beach it’s safe to say that the boys go down after sun down. Hard to reach but hard to beat it’s a beautiful enclave of sand, sea and sexy guys. P’town has long been a favourite with our stateside brothers and has recently become even more popular with guys from all over the world. 

Studland Beach, Bournemouth

OK so let’s be honest here, England isn’t the greatest place to find the best beaches and you can’t always bank on it being a sunny day but Studland Bay is an area of real beauty. The beach isn’t exclusively gay but where there’s an opportunity to get your clothes off and lay down in some sand dunes, there’s always going to be a guy or two who will be happy to see you. Studland is a naturist beach and the boys are hard to miss, it is called Stud Land after all.

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