Bank Holiday DJs at The Duke of Welly

It’s the August Bank Holiday weekend and if you want somewhere that’s both cool and hot to chill, while the friendly staff serve the frosty beers and the DJs spin some TUNES then boys and girls we give you… The Duke of Wellington. We asked three Welly DJs to tell us what’s on their playlist for the holiday weekend.


Holster – Friday 23 August, from 9pm

Pull Up To The Bumper – Grace Jones

A banger from the ultimate fierce woman. Not only is it classic dance music, but read the lyrics… pure filth. 

Like a Prayer – Madonna

I sing this in my big camp sing-along shows. I’m big, it’s huge. Classic Madonna before she tried to be cool. I miss her.

Freedom 90 – George Michael

It’s slinky, it’s fashion (check the video) and as uplifting as an underwire bra.

Mickey – Toni Basil

You may have noticed my list is pre millennial. I’ve tried dear, but I just can’t get my head around modern pop. Little today has the same camp joy as this fun bop…

Cuz I Love You – Rizzo

… Except Rizzo. Sod RuPaul’s fake self help nonsense, Lizzo is the real deal and I’m here for it all. She sings, raps, writes and twerks while playing the flute. Seriously what’s not to LOVE.

Heidi Liscious – Saturday 24 August, from 9pm

Lets have a Kikieeeeeeee – Alaska Thunderfuck feat Scissor Sisters

This has kinda become my opening track. It kind of lets the crowd know “Hey, Heidi’s here!” Just in case you haven’t smelt the cotton candy perfume in the air.

Make me Feel (EDX Dubai Skyline Remix) – Janelle Monae

It’s over a year old, but I’m still plugging for Janelle Monae and this song to be a commercial hit. This mix is just so damn funky.

You’ve got the luv – Duty Sound & SpeekAir feat Matthew Lewis Jr

This is always the song, as if I need a excuse, that gets me out of the DJ corner and literally dancing all over the venue. Watch out – Heidi’s out!

God Control (Disco Heaven edit) – Madonna

Had to get something in from Madame X. Sometimes it’s purely a matter of pleasing myself and anything from this album pleases me. This is theclosest mix to also pleasing our loyal customers.

Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels – Todrick

There are some regulars at The Welly who love this track. It’s fun to watch the young kids do their “look all over their body for their lighter” move.

DJ Kiel Payton Sunday 25 August, from 8pm

I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

This will always remind me of New Year 2013 when I got to watch her sing it live.

Let it Whip – Dazz Band

Undeniably the funkiest track EVER.

Emotion – Purple Disco Machine 

Purple Disco is my favourite DJ, a true leader in deep funk and this track has a genuine euphoric feel. 

Finally – CeCe Peniston 

A track for the year I was born and arguably one of the most recognisable dance songs of all time. It never fails to raise the roof. 

Entry is free.

The Duke of Wellington, 77 Wardour Street, Soho W1.

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