Shopping: Libedex’s new range of cat suits

Latex specialist fashion shop Libidex have launched their latest catsuit collection. Libidex’s Rogerio Alves gives us the lowdown on this tight and sexy look.

“After the great success of Part I, II and III, without any further ado, we give you Part IV of our new catsuit collection. There are 112 gorgeous new designs in total – from military uniforms to sci-fi superhero inspired looks. A catsuit for every occasion whatever your scene: futuristic, sporty, trendy, role-playing and some classics too. There are also some great zipless, pull on options for a totally smooth experience.

But don’t fret if that’s not your thing – some of our new designs feature D-rings, buckles and lasered logo applique. If you are new to latex, this will be a great introduction to our fantastic new colourful range.

Not forgetting Libidex offers much more than just catsuits. Check our entire range of fetish clothing, from Hard and Heavy to clubbing attire, we have you covered.”

Check out the new catsuit collection and the full Libidex range at

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