Happily Ever Poofter at the Canal Cafe Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles 

Good comedy, well written and performed is to be celebrated and with Rich Watkins – who does both here – his parody is unashamedly camp and hilarious, as his quest to find true love in the real world as a gay man is a lot harder than it seems. Watkins as a performer does not shy away from other issues relevant in today’s gay society; he weaves into his role social commentary commenting on chem sex and consent and bringing to his audience’s attention the raw emotions that arise especially where GHB is concerned. 

We long for a happy ending and get one and with ‘on the money’ direction from Denholm Spurr and rather splendid choreography from Simone Murphy, we get a very entertaining hour of pastiche panto with a heightened poignancy of being who you want to be, and also a keen observational point made about queer identity in the media and the lack of it, take heed Mr Disney! Thought-provoking!


Happily Ever Poofter has further shows on the 17th and 18th July at the Canal Cafe Theatre, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road, London W2 6NG. Box office 020 7289 6054

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