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In a few weeks Boyz will be launching its own friendship site called Beboyz. Beboyz is a unique and innovative way to meet new friends who share your hobbies, sports and interests. David Bridle, managing editor of Boyz, explains how we need your help for our BETA test launch.

For the past two years a team of programmers, engineers and designers have been working on a new website for Boyz called Beboyz. Beboyz is not a hook up or dating site. It’s a friendship site based around shared pastimes. Beboyz is about making new friends with people who like to do the same things as you. 

We’ll be welcoming everyone to join Beboyz regardless of age, gender or sexuality. It’s your hobbies, sports and interests which matter – and your passion about them. 

We’ll be launching a BETA version of Beboyz in a few weeks time and we need your help to test our new site. We need you to help us check the site for software bugs and hardware glitches. If you’d like to help us at this BETA stage, we’re inviting you this week to sign up with your email address on the beboyz.com site. You can’t yet create a Beboyz profile page but we’ll be back in touch in a few weeks with full details of how to sign up.

We are very excited about the launch of Beboyz. We are hoping Beboyz will be a completely fresh way to meet new friends, to develop your pastimes – and maybe even try a completely new sport or hobby that you’ve always fancied doing. 

You can see what my personal Beboyz profile page looks like here.

On the rest of this page, I explain more about how Beboyz works using our unique Beboyz tags for hundreds of hobbies, sports and pastimes.

You can click here on this link to see our over 350 Beboyz tags and even begin to choose the tags you’ll put on your profile page in the future.


As a member of Beboyz you’ll even be able to suggest hobby, sports and interest tags you think we should include on the site.

I look forward to telling you more about Beboyz in the coming weeks and that all important launch date coming very soon, but for now check out our information page at beboyz.com.

David Bridle, managing editor Boyz

What are Beboyz tags?

Tags are at the heart of Beboyz. We have tags for hundreds of hobbies, sports and pastimes.

Tags are how you describe yourself on your personal Beboyz page and how you search for others interested in the same activities as you.

You can search by tag and find people locally who play the same sport, follow the same hobby or like doing the same things as you: Camping or computer games, football or fishing, sailing or surfing, dancing or DIY.

You can search on just one tag or a few tags to find people who might make the best of friends.

Then you can send them a message and hopefully soon meet up to follow your shared interests. 

It’s a simple idea – but true – that friendships where people enjoy playing the same sport or following the same hobby, will last longer. Our job at Beboyz is to help bring you together.


Read more about Beboyz and sign up for our BETA version at beboyz.com

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