Love Me Tenga… at Clonezone

Valentine’s Day is for love or every kind, it’s for giving and receiving… so we asked Clonezone’s head of romance Topher Taylor to choose his favourite range for this year’s February 14 and here he is to tell usual about Tenga.


I have always been very passionate about the sex toys from Tenga. Not only are they really cool to look at – meaning you can store them discreetly, but they feel amazing. Sex toys for penises are often thrown together with very little thought behind them, other than offering up a hole to penetrate. This is not the case with Tenga.

When they launched back in 2005, they quite simply changed the game. This unique Japanese brand launched masturbation aids with a dedicated focus on recreating the internal textures of oral and penetrative sex. They really feel like the real thing… Plus, you don’t have to date them or buy them dinner first. Over the next 13 years, Tenga kept reinventing the products and have become probably one of the best-known adult toy brands in the world.

On Valentines Day, I have paired up with my mates over at Tenga for a special ‘Love Me Tenga’ event at Clonezone Soho. What does the event entail? Well–we will have freebies for the first visitors, product demonstrations (not on live willies, dear), and 20% off Tenga products.

The range begins at £6.99 all-the-way-up-to £189.99 and there’s something in the range for every budget – another reason that I love this brand.

Tenga Eggs are stretchy egg-shaped sleeves which are made of a jelly-like material with heavy texturing inside and also include a sachet of lube. If you want to know what ‘texture’ you’ll be satisfied with, simply look at the design on the packaging.

Tenga Cups are the staple Tenga product. Each cup contains a beautifully and heavily detailed internal texture, which works alongside lubricant (included) to satisfy you. Select from a temporary ‘throw away’ or upgrade to a reusable cup.

Spiral Sleeves are textured squeezable toys that have basically been designed to ‘upgrade your w*nk’ – excuse my language. You can reverse these toys to enjoy both sides of it’s plush and stretchy material.

Flex is a curvaceous and textured toy that uses its unique shape to take advantage of suction and ‘grip’ on your penis. The unique curved case gives you an easy grip whilst you take advantage of the differing textures inside.

Tenga Flip Zero toys are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I would honestly give these toys a 10/10 rating and put my name behind the recommendation. They are uniquely textured inside, feeling suspiciously lifelike and can be controlled by movement, suction or, if you get the Flip Zero EV – by using the vibrations.

Clonezone Soho, 35 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1.


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