Christmas Shopping

Wishing you a sexy Clonezone Christmas

Tis the season to be sexy and the team at Clonezone are ready, willing and able to help you get it on for Christmas. Dave Cross had a festive chat with the sauciest elf of them all, Topher Taylor to find out what’s in his sack.

Hey Topher, how would you describe the Christmas season in Clonezone-land?

Busy. Colourful. Fashion and sex toys everywhere. This is the time of year where our amazing staff really show how fantastic they are at their jobs. The stores get really busy and the teams work extra hard to make sure customers are happy. Clonezone is a machine which functions because of the in-store teams. Our managers Raf, CJ, Stu and Mike are incredible.

And for our photoshoot you rounded up some very willing elves…?

I train them well! Only joking (sort of). I was so happy to work with these beautiful people for the shoot. Including Chris Jepson, who’s the consummate professional whilst herding us all like cats. I have personal relationships with everyone involved in the shoot and have worked with them all before in different capacities. As I’ve said before, we like to keep it organic at Clonezone.

Can you pick out a few things from the shop that would make brilliant and exciting gifts for Boyz readers?

Let’s do this in price tiers, as I know everyone’s budget is different. Under £20: Master of The House fetish inspired pins. Under £50: Nasty Pig Access Neoprene Jockstrap, as worn by Kit Wilde, the saucy elf with blue hair. Under £100: Nasty Pig Union Suits at £89.99, modelled by Daniel Shoneye and Rocco Hard. Blowout £££: Nasty Pig Tactical Bondage Bomber Jacket modelled by Max Duro in this spread.

What about a couple of items that you would buy for someone?

It depends what your relationship is like with your friends, but personally I like to gift my friends some luxurious sex toys at Christmas. Give them the gift of orgasm! I would recommend a prostate toy by Nexus Range, a masturbator by Tenga… or if they’re an experienced player then gift them a Hankey’s or SquarePeg toy.

And a couple of things you’d personally like in your stocking?

There’s a gorgeous man that works in the Lebanese deli close to the Clonezone offices. I plan on marrying him, so I’d like him in my stocking please. From Clonezone stock, I love the Cell BlockTORQUE range of underwear and elasticated harnesses, you can see Max Duro wearing one on this week’s cover.

If someone wants to get a gift but are not sure what, do the Clonezone elves in store have lots of ideas and suggestions?

Yeah! Our shops are a one-stop-shop for Christmas shopping. The staff are always on hand to help walk you through. Just come in and ask, we have a big ‘gift’ range for Secret Santas as well as fashion, underwear, accessories all-the-way through to sex toys and fetish wear.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Ruben Galarreta is on the way! And this will be in shops for Christmas time. This beautiful brand is finally here and we are SO excited to have them on board. You’ll recognise the iconic monochrome straps from social media. Our Winter Sale has started, which is always a good way to save a few quid. We add new lines every day to the sale, with some bits and pieces up to 75% off. It also makes space for all the new brands we have coming for 2019.

There are Clonezone stores in Soho, Earls Court, Birmingham and Manchester plus the online store, get full details at

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