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The Old Ship with Baga Chipz in pictures from Saturday 24 November

The Old Ship: Saturday 24 November 

We can’t confirm it, but it’s altogether possible, there may have been some alcohol involved in our Saturday night at The Old Ship. 

From what we can remember, we had a bloody amazing time. but some of the details are a tad hazy. We definitely remember that John and the gang made us very welcome and that they had two of our favourite new drag stars, Ava Cardo and Flick De Bean performing a special show, which was brilliant. Plus, yep, it’s coming back… Oh god, it was Baga Chipz birthday as well. She partied, we partied, she sang a few songs, we had a couple of shots and then woke up at home. All in all, marvellous. 

Baga is back at The Old Ship this Saturday 

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