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Circa The Club has without doubt been the new sensation of the scene in 2018. This amazing state-of-the-art venue, with its gorgeous DJs and hot crowd, has been rocking our weekends and now they are ready for their first Halloween and will be open extra late for the rest of the year. Dave Cross had a catch up with owner Alan Winter to find out more.

Hi Alan, how has the first few months of Circa The Club been?

It’s been great so far, albeit a bit exhausting. The launch weekend was a complete roadblock and it hasn’t stopped from there. Circa The Club has definitely hit the ground running and it certainly won’t be slowing down over the next few months with our late licenses coming up.

Has it all gone according to plan?

There are always a few teething problems with a new venue but there hasn’t been anything that stands out – luckily! We’ve got a lot of lighting so we’re still playing around with all the settings; there are endless possibilities so we’ll constantly be able to change things up.

For anyone who hasn’t been yet, how would you describe the club?

A few people have commented that the layout of the venue reminds them a bit of The Cross, which was in Kings Cross. We’ve got the best bar staff, DJs and, most importantly, crowd in town. Things are more mixed at Circa The Club and we welcome ALL members of the LGBTQ+ community.

How are you celebrating Halloween this weekend?

Our theme is Gods of the Underworld on Friday and Saturday. The inspiration came from being next to the river actually, like the River Styx that leads to the Underworld in Greek mythology! Plus we’re a basement club and play some of the best underground house too.

What can we expect on both nights?

On Friday residents Sam Londt and Storm Mollison are bringing their distinctive house and R&B sounds and on Saturday James John and Christopher Brown are giving you the best in commercial and underground house.

And from this weekend you are open extra late?

Yep, we’ve got extended hours until 5am every weekend until New Year! We’ll be dancing and drinking ‘til dawn! Circa Soho will also be open later than usual so late night revelry all round.

What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

You’ll have to wait and see but Thursday nights are gonna be coming back – in a BIG way…


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Circa The Club, Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment, WC2N 6PA.

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