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Bearaoke at the Kings Arms: Sunday 14 October

Bearaoke at the Kings Arms: Sunday 14 October

Last Sunday we headed into the West End to mark a very special anniversary at the Kings Arms on Poland Street.

None other than scene legend Jivin’ Julie was celebrating 20 years of hosting her fabulous karaoke, or Bearoke session at the popular pub. As Julie herself said, ‘You get less for murder!’ but she was definitely having almost as much fun as everyone else on Sunday. As always at this brilliant karaoke hub, you get a total mixture of performers ranging from the ‘not bad’ to the ‘impressive’ to the inevitably jaw-droppingly bad. All in all it was a fun way to spend a Sunday evening. Happy anniversary Julie and everyone at the Kings Arms.

Julie is back with Bearoke this Sunday at the Kings Arms

Photos by Angus Wharton

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