Battle of the Bars is back and you could win £2000!

Battle of the Bars is the national karaoke competition which happens across six venues: four in London, one in Cardiff and one in Manchester. The heats start this week and they all lead to the Grand Final in December at the Two Brewers in Clapham where someone will walk away with a whopping £2000. Dave Cross spoke to Marc Kelly to find out all the details.

Hi Marc, so please tell us what is the Battle of the Bars? 

At heart it’s a karaoke competition, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a time for anyone who has a love of singing, a true passion to be given their chance to shine… and with £2000 for the winner, it’s serious business!

Which London venues are taking part? 

In town we have Admiral Duncan with Sum Ting Wong hosting, Halfway II Heaven and Two Brewers with the karaoke king Kevin Walsh and the King’s Arms with the legendary Jivin’ Julie. It’s also a battle of the karaoke hosts!

What about outside London? 

We have Mary’s in Cardiff. Wales always has an edge, the list of amazing Welsh singers is never ending and Via Manchester represents the North where there are some seriously strong singers.

How does the competition actually work with the heats and how would a Boyz reader enter? 

We keep it simple. It’s a karaoke night, you turn up and you fill in your slip and you sing your heart out. Each venue differs slightly with the judging, but the best singers on the night will be put through to the venue final and the lucky winner of that gets through to the Grand Final at The Two Brewers in December. 

Can people enter at more than one venue? 

Absolutely. Travel the country if you like. ‘Sing Out Louise!’

What happens at the Grand Final?

The Grand Final will be at the Two Brewers on 11 December. The finalists get to sing two songs in front of the judges. As it’s £2000 for the winner the judges are industry professionals to ensure the best voice wins on the night.

What advice would you give contestants about their song choice? 

It’s a cliché, but crowd pleasers sung well are going to help a lot. Last year’s winner had the edge throwing in a bit of Jess Glynne.

Please check out the advert in this week’s Boyz for full details of the Battle of the Bars heats which start this week.


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