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‘The Future is Fluid!’ says new fashion brand Array Apparel.

Unapologetically gender-fluid streetwear brand Array Apparel has just launched its Spring Summer 2018 collection with a controversial message that calls out big brands for ‘failing freedom of expression.’

Directors Paige Garvey and Stephanie Bridge claim that the fashion industry is failing consumers by not being progressive enough in the marketing of gendered clothing. They argue that decisions to ditch gendered labels on children’s ranges by John Lewis and Abercrombie Kids are “a step in the right direction, albeit an ironic baby-step,” adding that “if these companies were really serious about ending gender stereotypes, this would have been a top-down approach.”

In their Mission Statement, Array Apparel claim that there are an “array of genders” and go on to explain that their brand aims to end stereotypes and promote the social tolerance of fluidity.

With a minimalist look and long-line cuts offering a gender-neutral style, Array Apparel is attempting to challenge the binary status quo and has launched three clothing ranges in the first instance.

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