Swimwear 2018 Special: Vocla collections

Vocla retails underwear, swimwear and fetishwear. It has over 1200 styles from top global brands selling worldwide offers, with free UK delivery on every order, tracked delivery, a price guarantee and 10% off your first order. Vocla also holds the UK’s largest range of Addicted, Andrew Christian, PUMP!, Modus Vivendi, Maskulo, CellBlock 13 and ES Collection.

Addicted – The Splash Collection

This collection also features a range of funky and bold colours and prints. Prints are definitely on trend this year and some of the prints are sure to let you stand out on the beach – see the #BBTM swim brief! The Addicted swimwear range usually includes their ‘Pack Up’ padding technology in the pouch. This is a removable foam pad, which is shaped and inserted into a pocket in the pouch. It helps give a rounder and fuller appearance, which is especially important when coming in and out of the water – that’s no more sagging downwards in your special area.

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian’s range of 2018 swimwear takes some floral inspiration with tropical flower prints. Andrew Christian has something for everyone in terms of designs: neon trims, large letter branding, funky colours, bold graphic prints, classic colours and simplicity.

Modus Vivendi

This Greek brand knows how to design some unique pieces, taking luxurious fabrics, adding an on-trend design and giving some attention to details in the workmanship and features of the swimwear. Their 2018 collection includes: the Tricky line – a range of adjustable swimming briefs to help even out that tan; and the Desert line – desert camouflage prints with beautiful features like gold waistbands. 

ES Collection

Much like Addicted and Andrew Christian, the ES Collection swimwear range is full of super-bold abstract and floral graphic prints. You won’t get lost on the beach in these. We love the Forest Glitch swim short with its psychedelic forest print and on-trend short legs.

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