Explore Freedoms Shop from the NHS for all your condom and lube needs

Freedoms Shop, which sells condoms, lube, HIV self-test kits and more, received one of the Outstanding Contribution accolades at last week’s Boyz Awards. Here, Tanya Percy, Service Manager at the Freedoms Shop, explains the service and why it’s an invaluable resource for the LGBT+ community in and around the capital.

“We are delighted and immensely proud to receive our Outstanding Contribution Boyz Award and we really appreciate your recognition of the work we do.

“The Freedoms Scheme has supplied packs of free condoms and lube to London’s gay venues since 1999 – almost 20 years – and in that time we have supplied approximately 75 million condoms. In fact, if we laid the condoms end to end they would go around the M25 75 times!

“In London, we currently work with the GMI Partnership to supply condoms and lube for The London HIV Prevention Programme and the Do it London Programme. We are also the main supplier for many of the free condom distribution schemes across the country, on behalf of our NHS and local authority partners.

“So the chances are that you know about us already and our condoms and lubes are already part of your lives, partnerships or hook-ups. Perhaps you have picked up a pack of condoms and lube supplied by the Freedoms Shop? Or maybe you are already one of our online customers? Because we don’t just supply to the free condom schemes. We also sell condoms.


“The Freedoms Shop is an online shop which provides a large range of condoms and lube products. Please visit the Freedoms website ( to view the many condoms and lubes that we have on sale in different brands and sizes, all at low prices. Or drop in to the Freedoms Shop based in the Mortimer Market Centre where you can see the range for yourselves.

“The huge numbers of condoms and lubes that we purchase from manufacturers means that we are able to secure great prices, which we then pass on directly to our retail customers – ensuring they get the best value deal for their safer sex.

“We can post 72 condoms of your choice to your address in an unmarked envelope that fits through a standard letter box. And all for less than a tenner!

“We also offer a huge range of water-based and silicone lube. You can purchase a 250ml bottle of Liquid Silk for £8.99.

“And you can even pick up one of the BioSure HIV testing kits, the UK’s first home HIV self-test kit. Using this you will be able to see your results in the privacy of your own home in just 15 minutes.”

Freedoms Shop, Mortimer Market Centre, Capper Street, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 6JB.

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